Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Update v3.2.6
Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Update v3.2.6
SPTNDC | October 7 2021 | macOS | 369.3 MB
In addition to a massive library of raw sound material, Superior Drummer 3 introduces a unique design*, a streamlined workflow and countless features for powerful drum production in your computer. With Superior Drummer 3, you have control and creative power beyond the imaginable. Welcome to the future.

• In excess of 230 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds in 44.1 kHz/24 bit.
• Recorded with an additional eleven separate room microphones set up in a surround configuration for a complete immersive experience.
• Playback in stereo or up to 11-channel surround systems.
• Approx. 350 vintage and classic drum machine sounds.
• New and improved scalable interface with detachable windows.
• Edit Play Style, Tap2Find, Song Creator and Song Track features as well as improved workflow and search functionality.
• Built-in MIDI grid editor.
• DAW automation for built-in macro controls.
• Support for keyboard shortcuts.

Known Issues:
• Dragging a velocity node selects and drags all nodes for the instrument. Workaround: Use the velocity slider to the left, or drag the node while holding Shift (or Ctrl on Windows or Cmd on Mac).

Release Notes:
• Added support for pinch zooming with trackpad on Mac – on the song track, in the grid editor and in the tracker.

Grid Editor
• When a different song block is selected on the track, the note selection now changes to become all notes in the rows/instruments that are selected (like it worked in version 3.2.4).
• If the grid editor is visible, selecting a song block will move the playhead to the beginning of the block and scroll the grid editor (like it worked in 3.2.4).

Grooves Tab
• Third-party MIDI located in the Toontrack MIDI folder is yet again shown and formatted in the browser like Toontrack MIDI (reverts a change in 3.2.5).

• In some versions of Pro Tools 11 and 12, trying to insert the plug-in would result in AAE error -14018.
• The AU should no longer crash when added in REAPER with one track per bus.
• Scrolling using trackpads and similar on Mac has been adjusted in many views so that it is as fast as in the OS (standard applications).
• CC values were exported and played back with too large delta (in version 3.2.5 only). It’s now even lower than before so that hi-hat splashes sound better.

Song Track
• Deleting a song track no longer causes a crash.
• Dragging a MIDI block into a hole between two blocks on the song track did not shorten the dragged block to fit the hole.
• Dropping files with multiple tempos/time signatures did not work properly.
• “Select Containing Folder in Grooves” is no longer disabled for song blocks that are created by dragging from the Song Creator.

Grid Editor
• Changing libraries with the CC editor being open in the grid editor would cause a crash.
• Some notes that should not have been shown were visible at the end of a block and were silent.
• With the pencil tool active, moving the mouse in the grid editor would show and move a horizontal line in the velocity editor instead of a vertical line.

Drums Tab
• Removing an instrument could in some cases lead to a crash.
• Changing a part of a stacked instrument was incorrectly handled in some cases and a message that the library was damaged could appear.
• Loading a rack tom on the “Hightom” position in Gospel EZX did not use the graphics of the loaded rack tom.

Mixer Tab
• Several crashes involving enabling, moving and adding effects have been fixed.
• Changing libraries with an EQ window open would cause a crash.
• Changing Q for a node in the EQ window using mouse wheel with “natural scroll direction” was inverted.

• The ride and some other instrument mappings were broken in presets TD-20, TD-27, TD-30, TD-50 and DTX-PRO (in version 3.2.5 only).
• Improved cymbal choke support in some Medeli presets.
• Improved support for AUX triggers (Roland/Yamaha/Alesis).
• Added Alesis Surge preset.
• Added Yamaha DTX Series preset.
• Some renaming of Yamaha presets to better represent their purpose.

• On Apple silicon Macs, the standalone would always start in Rosetta mode.

✅ x86_64
✅ arm64

Reporting issues with a good attitude is always welcome.

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