CodeCanyon: Megafolio Gallery jQuery Plugin

CodeCanyon: Megafolio Gallery jQuery Plugin | 3.53 MB

  • What is it?: Megafolio is a highly customizable jQuery Plugin to present your Gallery or Portfolio. It uses the power of jQuery to present your pics in a grid layout with a masonry effect (custom width or 100% width responsive). The detail lightbox shows the elements in original size(or a video) and gives your viewers the chance to use the usual social buttons and read a describing text.

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CodeCanyon - Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar - RIP
CodeCanyon - Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar - RIP | 2,7 MB

This Countdown is powered with a great cross-platform library — Raphaël — that uses SVG animation wherever it’s supported (and VML for IE browsers). Includes jQuery and several plugins for styling text with shadow and for background animation. Very easy to install. No technical knowledge needed for basic usage.

- Vector-based counter animation - Scalable - Nice-looking progress bar - Easy to install - No special knowledge needed - Valid HTML

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CodeCanyon - 360? Panoramic Viewer - RIP
CodeCanyon - 360? Panoramic Viewer - RIP | 196 KB
A panorama is a wide-angle view made from a series of images combined together using special software. It offers a very realistic experience, giving the sensation that the user is right there on the location. The plugin manipulates such a panorama and uses jQuery to rotate, add hotspots and integrate it on mobile, touchpads and desktop browsers.


  • mobile/touchpads support
  • auto-scroll with sliding controls
  • image smart preloader
  • 160/360 degree visibility
  • hotspots + fancybox integration
  • multiple panorama selection + carouFredSel integration
  • well documented + support

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CodeCanyon - MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget for WordPress PRO
CodeCanyon - MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget for WordPress PRO | 243 KB

MoodThingy is a plugin that any blogger can use to track the emotional feedback of an individual blog post or article. The plugin can be configured to automatically appear below all of your posts, or manually placed anywhere within a post using a handy WordPress tag. A dashboard of MoodThingy stats is also offered so you can see which articles excite, amuse, or bore your readers, sorted by mood or number of votes in the past day, week, or month.

A WordPress Widget is also included in the plug-in as a way to show readers the most popular blog posts in the past day, week, month or year. The PRO version allows publishers to customize the moods and colors of the plug-in for their blog.


  • MoodThingy Plugin – Better than a “like” or “dislike,” this handy widget is a simple way to express how an article makes them feel; we’ve found it encouraging feedback from lurkers and reducing flame bait from trolls too.
  • Admin Dashboard – See which articles excite, amuse, or bore your readers. Sort the content by mood and number of votes in the past day, week, or month. Use this data to learn about the mood of your audience, decide which stories to chase, or as an internal leaderboard to encourage your writers. You can customize the moods and colors as well.
  • MoodThingy Widget – Feature the most voted on articles on your site. Mood-based ratings are a better indicator of interest than number of comments or pageviews, making this widget a good compliment or replacement to typical “Most Popular” modules. Articles can also be filtered for just the most recent, or of all time.

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CodeCanyon - Rabid ScratchCard Effect - RIP
CodeCanyon - Rabid ScratchCard Effect - RIP | 226 KB
This is a JQuery plugin that simulates a scratch-off card effect using HTML5s canvas feature and implement it as a jQuery plugin for easy integration with your files.
You can use any image for both the fore-ground and back-ground.
You can set the size of reveal directly through the plugin options.

user GanjaParker     


CodeCanyon: WP Boxer Pro v1.03  | 5.4 MB
  • A WordPress plugin that will assist in creating beautiful content boxes by using 1 simple shortcode. Each of these boxes can contain a header, an image, some content and an optional link which can point to any given location. Boxes can be added to any section in your WordPress theme that supports shortcodes, so basically anywhere.


user charity     

DataLife Engine v9.6 Final

DataLife Engine v9.6 Final (Nulled by M.I.D-team) | 4.4 MB

DataLife Engine is a multi-user news cursor is intended to organize their own media on the web. Thanks to a powerful system of publication, tuning and editing of news, the engine a step further ahead of its nearest competitors. And thanks to the accurate and well thought-out structure of the nucleus, minimizes the demands on server resources, the engine is able to easily work with vysokoposeschaemymi projects, without creating any special loads on server.

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CodeCanyon - Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens | 14 MB


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Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.

Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.
This particular pack is the CSS3 display screens which are a nice modern way of showcasing your application, website or portfolio gallery using CSS3 powered display ‘vectors’. It includes an iphone 4, imac screen, macbook pro, macbook air, and an ipad 2. All the models also come with black and white variations.

user schero     


CodeCanyon - Restrict Content Pro - Premium Content Plugin | 26 MB
javascript JS, CSS, PHP 
  • Restrict Content Pro is a complete subscription and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. Create an unlimited number of subscription levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage member’s and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members only content to your subscribers.

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10 Responsive All Devices Layouts. Set. HTML5 - Codecanyon | 13 MB




Set of 10 website pages-layouts can serve as a base for full website that fits all screen resolutions. Written in HTML5 , calculated in percentage.

You can assemble pages and inner blocks of markup according your needs by simple copy-paste from one file to another. Each HTML page comes in separate folder and accompanied with specific stylesheets (general, individual, for small devices).

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CodeCanyon - Sharp User Management System | 13 MB
CSS, HTML, javascript JS, PHP, SQL 


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  • Sharp User Management (Sharp UMS ) is a MySql and PHP application that is designed to be easily integrated into an existing PHP solution or be used as the base for your next php project. It will allow your website users to immediately sign up with your system straight out of the box. This is not a bunch of PHP scripts waked together. This is the real deal.

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Post Affiliate Network [Not null!]
Post Affiliate Network [Not null!]

Post Affiliate Network [Not null!] | 107 MB


Post Affiliate Network

Post Affiliate Network is the ultimate affiliate network software with accurate tracking, high performance, advanced affiliate marketing features and a unique user interface. Post Affiliate Network is fully scalable to fit the requirements of both large and small  businesses, to create and manage successful affiliate networks. 

Post Affiliate Network is a turnkey, ready to use affiliate network solution and is the best choice compared to a large amount of affiliate network software.

It is offered in two basic licensing models:

  • Hosted Affiliate Network - installed on our servers, maintained, periodically upgraded and watched by our support crew for a small monthly fee
  • Owned Licenses - installed on your server; you have full control over your data. For a one-time fee you get full featured affiliate network software without any hidden costs or monthly fees.

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Create a freelance site where buyers can post projects/jobs and providers can bid on them on maps. Buyers can post projects and they can be showed on Maps in real time. Providers can post bids on live projects on maps too. With a Powerful Admin this script combines all features of our Guru Freelancer Marketplace Pro 2.0. You can create your own global talent search marketplace with this script. Service seekers can post their requirements through this script and the service providers can place their bids for doing the job. Configurable features and fully customizable colors, styles, fonts and graphics. Platform: Php/My Sql.

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Spiderbox 1.1 | 16 MB

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160 Codecanyon Scripts - Big Bundle 2012
160 Codecanyon Scripts - Big Bundle 2012


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Codecanyon - 360є jQuery Image Slider
Codecanyon - 360º jQuery Image Slider | 3 MB Codecanyon - 360є jQuery Image Slider
  • Professional & Elegant jQuery Slider, special for Modern web designs, templates etc.

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Google Maps for Mobile Site PRO

Google Maps for Mobile Site PRO
PHP | CSS | Flash | Documentation | 6 MB

Google Maps is a plugin for the Mobile Site PRO script. It gives you the ability to show a Google map and optional choose a popup message to show. This plugin also supports older devices that don?t have support for javascript. In this case the map will be a static image.

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Udemy - Turkce Gorsel Ogrenme Setleri
Videohive Wow Pack Series