Finkl Pro Fonts Family - 21 Fonts!

Finkl Pro Fonts Family

Finkl Pro is a heavy bevel display face comprised of over 500 characters and glyphs, producing an extremely customizable font family. The industrial feel of Finkl lends itself  to everything from apparel to technical implementations and signage. Inline, outline and shadow are included as well for even more customization options. Additional glyphs and ligatures are included in the font which can be activated as contextual alternates in OpenType.

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Mensura Slab Titling Font Family - 12 Fonts for $100!

Mensura Slab Titling Font Family

Mensura Slab Titling is the display version of Mensura Slab Font Family, it has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2014. Mensura Slab Titling consists of 12 styles including italics. The styles included in the font have been design to complement the text version of Mensura Slab, and to give headlines, logos, and other short length text displays, a playfull and stylish look.

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Panamericana - 10 Types with Webfonts $89.9

Panamericana 10 Fonts $89.9

10 OTF, 10 WOFF Font Files | 40 MB


  • Panamericana is a family of calligraphic origin consisting of 10 styles: Blanca, Gris, Negra, Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Seis and Dingbats (Dingbats includes 26 illustrations characters).
  • The blending of each and every one of these styles allows the designer to work with countless grunge characteristics that inject happiness and originality to any word.
  • All of the 10 fonts include the complete character set with lower and upper case letters, numbers, accents, diacritics, punctuation and monetary symbols. The fonts included in this family are available in the Open Type format and they are Mac and PC compatible.

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Ministry Script Font for $99


Ministry Script Font

Ministry Script was designed to be “A time capsule that marks both the American ad art of the 1920s, and the current new-millennium acrobatics of digital type.” First letters of Ministry comes from a how-to lettering book but immediately turned on a complex and modern new digital typeface design with thousand glyphs. Ministry’s OpenType features include contextual and stylistic alternates, swash characters, and a galaxy of ligatures. A single face with over 1,000 characters to explore. The OpenType palette provides access to four different variants of each letter.

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Manometer Sans Font Family - 2 Fonts for $63


Manometer Sans Font Family

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Orgon Slab Font Family - 16 Fonts for $198


Orgon Slab Font Family

Orgon Slab complements the Orgon family with its clear, unexcited appearance. It offers high readability both for desktop and web applications. The Orgon Slab consists, as does the Orgon family, of 16 styles and is well suited for ambitious typography. It comes in OpenType format with extended language support. All weights contain ligatures, small caps, superior characters, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures, matching currency symbols, fraction- and scientific numerals and matching arrows.

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Colon Mono Font Family - 8 Fonts for $140


Colon Mono Font Family

Colon Mono is a monospaced slab serif type family of eight styles. The typeface design was influenced by the nostalgia for the aesthetic of a typewriter. Colon Mono is a counterpart to Colon sub-family and consists of two weights of roman and alternative styles and matching italics respectably. Colon Mono is released in OpenType format with extended support for most Latin languages, and includes some opentype features.

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Lavenda Font for $30


Lavenda Font

Lavenda font is a result of my two year classic calligraphy studies, and is based on my own handwriting. The overall look is classic, which makes it a match for invitations, place cards or other paper goods where old time elegance is required. With the glyph count just under 1500 the font has many alternates and options which makes it flexible to use. Apart from swashes, alternates and ligatures - number of fancy dingbats is also included. Again, with vast number of glyphs contained should you write in other language than English - Lavenda comes as a natural choice.

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Undergone Font Family for $59



Undergone Font Family

Decorative and sharp script typeface.

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Alpine Script Font for $42



Alpine Script Font

Get creative with the adventurous brush casual Alpine Script from Charles Borges de Oliveira. This stunning typeface contains 29 alternate characters waiting to be explored. Great for anything from signage to culinary packaging. Enjoy!

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Kaapeli Font Family - 6 Fonts for $110
I've had mixed feelings about Kabel; It is a brilliant headline font with a lot of character, but it’s the characters I have problems with. The versions of all big foundries have the same flaws (in my opinion), especially lowecase a and s. So I finally went ahead and made an all new version. It is not Kabel, but very much like it. It has unique x-height, weight and width, and many individual characters are also different from the original.
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Patagon Font Family - 3 Fonts for $49



Patagon Font Family

Patagon is a contemporary Woodtype Sans typeface especially designed for fresh, high impact sentences with a mix of flavoured features. Its upper-case Opentype ornamental alternate glyphs provide great elegant textures adding versatility to the three weight family: condensed, regular & extended. Mix them up for a really cool design!

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Stgotic Font for $10



Stgotic Font

Stgotic, designed in 2006, was the first digital font designed by Daniel Hernández. It is a blackletter typeface designed for low resolution screen devices. Stgotic was designed to be seen at 8 pts (and multiples of 8). In the year 2006, it was recognized as the best screen font by the TipoGráfica magazine in the context of the Bienal de Letras Latinas.

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The Meez Font Family - 3 Fonts for $51



The Meez Font Family

The Meez is a geometric, extremely extended sans-serif typeface strictly intended for use as a display font. The family consists of three styles: Light, Regular and Bold. In each weight, all letterforms retain the same width, which make it ideal for titling use.

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Red Tape Plus Font for $29



Red Tape Plus Font

Red Tape Plus has two versions, one that looks »made with red tape« and the second version is »made with red tape« and an added »stencil look«! The stencil look is actually overdoing it a bit, but I found it to have an interesting personality, so what the hell! Sometimes one has do go too far. I am selling both for the price of one font anyway.

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Dylan Copperplate Font Family - 6 Fonts for $69



Dylan Copperplate Font Family

Dylan-Copperplate is my newest addition to the ever growing family. The small flicks of the burin add an elegant touch to the solid font-design. Very handsome and useful for all kinds of invitations and business-cards as well as for classy advertising.

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Dina Stencil Font Family - 2 Fonts for $55



Dina Stencil Font Family

Dina Stencil is geometric sans serif stencil typeface, an addition to Dina family. Dina Stencil consists of two styles (weights)—regular and bold. The typeface recommended for use in display sizes.

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Bodoni Classic Fleurs Font for $39



Bodoni Classic Fleurs Font

Bodoni Classic Fleurs is beautifully decorated with lots of alternate glyphs for many languages.

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Harmonia Sans Font Family - 27 Fonts fpr $1568

Harmonia Sans Font Family

OTF | 27 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 10.4 Mb RAR

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Yapa Font Family - 2 Fonts for $50


Yapa Font Family

Yapa is a display font. Ideal for eye-catching titles, logos and labels, based on the Arya and Prevya typefaces. It is based on Roman proportions, but is accompanied by swashes and decorative ornaments.

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Mazurquica Font Family - 3 Fonts for $69

Mazurquica Font Family

Mazurquica is an extra condensed sans-serif typeface, ideal for titles and headlines looking for impact and style. Its design in three weights: Ligera (light), Media (medium) and Pesada (heavy) allows it to be used in many applications. Its capitals contain a set of ligatures that gives the upper-case text a particular look. Mazurquica is an excellent choice for magazines, books, posters, brochures, flyers, etc.

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Antartida Rounded Font Family - 8 Fonts for $126


Antartida Rounded Font Family

Antartida Rounded is a sans serif with rounded terminals, its simple, kind of neutral feeling, is functional, clean and minimal, rounded terminals make it friendly and warm. Is a family of 8 fonts, weights 4 and in italics. This font contains glyphs that help emphasize alternate text or headlines.

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Shelton Font for $19

Shelton Font

Shelton is a Typeface with an eroded, printed look. The letters seem to be from different alphabets to support the wood type feeling. Every letter has an alternate character. Shelton has wide language support and also contains arrows and other special glyphs available through the OpenType contextual alternates feature.

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Espuma Pro Font Family - 14 Fonts for $260

Espuma Pro Font Family

Espuma Pro is a soft and friendly humanist sans-serif font family with strong calligraphic aftertaste. Presented in 7 weights, with true italics each, it features the traditionally rich language support, small caps, 6 sets of figures and a bunch of ligatures. Its delicate flavor is suitable for brands that wish to communicate friendliness and openness. This typeface is especially good for FMCG and packaging, but it can be used virtually anywhere thanks to its extreme legibility.

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