CM - Clearlight Sans Serif Font 503447


Clearlight is a crisp and simple sans serif. It's a bit technological with fancy details, giving it a friendly and elegant look.

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CM - Rusli Font 503428


TTF | 102 KB RAR
A hand painted typeface, perfect for using in ink or watercolour based designs or on its own as bold hand-brushed lettering

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CM - Callisugan Font 503416


Callisugan is a modern calligraphy typeface with a dramatic movement. It suitable for wedding invitation, greeting cards, watercolor based design, or anything that need natural feeling to put on to.

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CM - DISAPPEAR Sans Serif Font 488817


Sloth Astronaut is glad to introduce his new sans-serif font DISAPPEAR. Font supports cyrillic and latin alphabet.

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Delicate Typeface

TTF, WOFF | 3 Fonts | JPG Preview | 1 Mb RAR

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Lighthouse Font

TTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 5.9 Mb RAR

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3 OTF | 213 KB RAR
Use in combination with each other to make awesome type designs for logos, posters, album covers, packaging, Instagram posts, etc.

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Introducing Minority typeface. Hand painted script inspired by condensed typeface and hand lettering typography. Combine with street art, graffiti, grunge, pop culture, & 90s nuansce.
Ideal for; Logos, apparel design, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging, headers, printed quotes, cover album, etc

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47 TTF 47 OTF 8 EPS 5 Ai | 74 MB RAR
This is various fonts bundle, unique fonts such as Scrip Font, Wedding Font, Display Font, Brush Fonts, Vintage Fonts, hand drawn fonts, calligraphy font, display font and also awesome fonts else.

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CM - Ndugal Society 506830

Ndugal Society is a handwriting typeface that make with natural ink. Uses for headline, poster, t-shirt, labels, clothing, film, gigs, album cover and much more.

TTF | OTF | RAR 877,5 KB

Preview Page

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Chestnut Font

Chestnut is a hand drawn, spiralling, bouncy script.

OTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 2.8 Mb RAR

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Creativemarket Slow Attack - Double Fonts 504681
Creativemarket Slow Attack - Double Fonts 504681
Creativemarket Slow Attack - Double Fonts 504681

Creativemarket Slow Attack - Double Fonts 504681
Get ready for our first release, Slow Attack Its a double fonts with script version and all-caps version, came out straight from the fast penbrush stroke. Always fit for your poster quote things, logo, branding, magazine headlines, sign, etc.
Slow Attack font, Comes with an Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Puncts, and Multilingual Support, And of course Stylistic Alternates for some letters and Double letters Ligature to maintain the handwriting feels so it doesn't look like typed by keyboard.
Slow Attack 2 is an all-caps font with English language supported. To make a good pair with the Slow Attack script version. No need to find another pairings, its all here ;)
Swashes Vector Bonus a good finishing touch for your quotes or poster design with this two font, feel it.


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Austin Font Family $350
Austin Font Family $350 | 16 x TTF | Turkish Support 

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Milasian Circa Font Family $59
Milasian Circa Font Family $59 | 3 x TTF | Turkish Support
Milasian Circa is a round, casual script typeface, with a rich, inky composition, and a tad of a feminine vibe. It is advanced, soft, and enthusiastic. Milasian Circa contains a supporting, vast range of ligatures and glyphs for a practical, hand-lettered look. Additionally, this font gives way to a world of possibility with its contextual alternates, swash versions of every single letter and an amazing set of swashes to add to the ends of your words to give a great aesthetic! This font has the potential to move smoothly across your projects with its simple, impact effect, bringing you higher element of potential. Milasian Circa will remind you and those who gaze upon it that beauty is everywhere, even in the simplest of forms. 

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Recia Font Family $260
Recia Font Family $260 | 10 x TTF | Turkish Support 

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Saffran Font Family

Saffran is a project of Erasmo Ciufo and Alessio D’Ellena. Saffran is a clear sans-serif with big x-height, short ascenders and descenders, that works well both for headlines and main bodies of text. The objective of the design is to improve readability of small size texts, by clearing the junctions and enlightening the structure of each letter as a consequence. The broken junctions, inspired from the hebrew alphabet, turn into spiky endings that connect to the flat sides only under 7pt.

TTF | 5 Fonts | JPG Preview | 5.2 Mb RAR

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Brevier Font Family

Compact sans, ideal for setting long texts in small or very small type sizes: for packaging, instruction booklets, drug information leaflets and anything else that has to be legible at very small sizes. Lean and rhythmical, designed ideally to be used at less than 8 points (Brevier was the old typefounders’ name for 8-point type), Brevier holds up well even under adverse printing conditions. The apparently geometric letterforms hide Renaissance characteristics, the x-height and openings are very generous and the strokes slightly modulated. In order to offset ink spread – which is inevitable when printing very small sizes of type – Brevier has large white spaces between the letters. All internal angles have deep ink traps and many connections have been left open.

TTF | 3 Fonts | JPG Preview | 3.1 Mb RAR

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Divenire Font Family

Divenire is derived from a custom typeface designed for the Partito Democratico (Italian Democratic Party), it is used in their political communication. It has variation of tension in its design, alternating curved and almost straight elements. The glyphlist includes many alternatives like a set of odd punctuation marks: the famous “interrobang” and others, starting from Hervé Bazin’s work.

TTF | 12 Fonts | JPG Preview | 3.7 Mb RAR

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Dic Sans Font Family

DicSans is a square sans-serif typeface, inspired by Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile, it was meant as a sort of contemporary “open” Eurostile. It is a semi-custom font, designed and expanded according to costumers’ requests, since 2004 up to 2013. For this reason it has many glyph variants (up to three variants per lowercase glyphs and numbers, special smallcaps etc.) and wide language coverage.

TTF | 10 Fonts | JPG Preview | 3.2 Mb RAR

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Garamond Premier Pro Font Family

Garamond Premier Pro had its genesis in 1988, when Adobe senior type designer Robert Slimbach visited the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, to study its collection of Claude Garamond’s metal punches and type designs. Garamond, a French punchcutter, produced a refined array of book types in the mid-1500s that combined an unprecedented degree of balance and elegance, and stand as a pinnacle of beauty and practicality in typefounding. While fine-tuning Adobe Garamond, which was released in 1989, as a useful design suited to modern publishing, Slimbach started planning an entirely new interpretation of Garamond’s designs based on the large range of unique sizes he had seen at the Plantin-Moretus and on the comparable italics cut by Robert Granjon, Garamond’s contemporary. By modeling Garamond Premier Pro on these hand-cut type sizes, Slimbach retained the varied optical size characteristics and freshness of the original designs while creating a practical 21st-century type family. Garamond Premier Pro contains an extensive glyph complement, including central European, Cyrillic, and Greek characters and is offered in five weights ranging from light to bold.

OTF | 34 Fonts | JPG Preview | 6.7 Mb RAR

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Sailors Tattoo Waves Font Family

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 1 Mb RAR

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Tribaltypo Font Family

TTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 1 Mb RAR

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Detective Maurice Font Family

TTF | 5 Fonts | JPG Preview | 1.5 Mb RAR

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Videohive Wow Pack Series
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