Teramo Font Family


Teramo™ is daring, sharp and dynamic. Its personality is derived from asymmetry and movement. It is a contemporary serif family full of modern design elements playing with proportions of works of XV and XVI century masters such as Francesco Griffo or Claude Garamond.


The family features four optical sizes. Display sizes feature extreme stroke contrast and are intended for fashion, lifestyle, cosmetics, magazine, business, hi-tech and advertising use. Text styles are created for all kinds of body copy — long and short paragraphs, books and websites in any modern design context. They are crafted to be elegant and legible, featuring more generous spacing and scrupulous kerning. 

Display weights are designed as modern, extraordinary variations on didone style. Teramo’s letterforms are merging classical proportions and precise, contemporary details such as asymmetric serifs, sharp edges and unconventional glyph shapes. Another important factor constituating Teramo’s personality is an angled axis, unusual for didone families and giving the typeface much more organic and dynamic feel.

Teramo features a lively true italics strongly related to cursive handwriting. The italic styles imply movement, energy and fluency, introducing a new color to paragraph text, as well as being a powerful and interesting standalone display type.

The family introduces additional titling letter variations for headlines and display uses, such as sharp and modern lowercase “y” or uppercase alternates for better all caps typography.

Teramo consists of 56 fonts in 4 optical sizes - 28 uprights and their corresponding true italics + 2 variable fonts. It has extended language support as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as case sensitive forms, standard and discretionary ligatures, titling alternates, contextual alternates, lining, oldstyle figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.

Teramo Font Family


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