Vegasaur - Light Leaks Bundle
Vegasaur - Light Leaks Bundle
Apple ProRes | 180 Light Leaks | 1920x1080 | RAR 15 GB



  • Light Leaks is a collection of 100% real light elements that will enhance your videos with beautiful light effects. It is a quick way to add a dream or romantic look to your creations, give your projects vintage feeling, create cool transitions between shots, make dynamic slideshows.
  • Ideal for use in music productions, sport scenes, promos, weddings, fashion showcases, motion graphics and other video projects! Great for video editors and indie filmmakers who want to give the aesthetics of film effect in their videos.
  • Subtle and organic light leaks (often referred to as film burns) designed to be used in any video editing software that supports Composite or Blend mode. Simply place the desired light leak on top of your footage and set its blending mode to Screen or Add. Adjust the amount of light by lowering the clip or track opacity.
  • You can also customize the speed of the effect, add some color grading, change luminance or color by adding Levels, Color Balance or Hue/Saturation filters. You can combine various light leaks together, rotate and scale them for achieving the desired effect.


  • REAL LIGHT LEAKS (optically captured with the highest quality lenses)
  • Full HD resolution (1080p) at 23.976 fps, Apple ProRes format
  • Royalty Free
  • Mac/PC support
  • Largest collection of light leaks on the market provides the variety you need to give your production the desired look!
  • Available for any non-linear editor that supports Blend or Composite mode, including but not limited to:
  • Apple Final Cut Pro (including FCPX)
  • Apple Motion
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • No need to install and learn additional plugins/software, simply drag and drop!
  • Highly customizable. Vary the speed, color, luminance.


Light Leaks Vol.1

80 real light effects for adding taste to your video projects




Light Leaks Vol.2


80 organic light leaks for video and motion graphics production



Light Leaks Bonus


20 bonus light leaks that add a dreamlike and vintage quality to your footage



Vegasaur - Light Leaks Bundle


 TO MAC USERS: If RAR password doesn't work, use this archive program: 

RAR Expander 0.8.5 Beta 4  and extract password protected files without error.

 TO WIN USERS: If RAR password doesn't work, use this archive program: 

Latest Winrar  and extract password protected files without error.

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