Dune – Blood of the Sardaukar #1 (2021)

Dune – Blood of the Sardaukar #1 (2021) : When the choice is vengeance or honor, which lies at the heart of a Sardaukar? Jopati Kolona one of the Sardaukar: the emperor’s elite military unit. The Sardaukar are unbeatable, unbending in their devotion to the emperor, and feared throughout the galaxy. When Jopati meets Duke Leto of House Atreides, the house he believes responsible for the destruction of his home planet and family, he will be forced to question a life-long hatred. Tasked with overthrowing the Atreides stronghold on Dune for his master, Jopati will be forced to choose between duty and forgiveness.

Dune – Blood of the Sardaukar #1


Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 65 MB

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The Transporter #2 – City of a Thousand Spires (2021)

The Transporter #2 – City of a Thousand Spires (2021) : The Transporter never refuses a mission… on one condition: that on completion, his “clients” swallow an egg. Only one other person knows what the eggs are and what they do to the people who ingest them—and she is hunting the Transporter down. She finally catches up with him in Arcasso, the “City of a Thousand Spires,” where the Duke is attempting to regenerate the human race—through nightly debauchery. When he enlists the Transporter in his cause, the woman is forced into action, setting off a chain of events that will ultimately reveal the source of the Transporter’s power… and the terrible truth behind his eggs.

The Transporter #2 – City of a Thousand Spires


Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 75 MB

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The Transporter #1 – Nymph (2020)

The Transporter #1 – Nymph (2020) : Human life has been devasted by an unstoppable virus … Not a disease, but a chemical reaction that attacks iron, destroying everything that contains them and setting civilization back hundreds of years. It even affects the iron that is present in blood—enough to cause bizarre mutations and affect human fertility. Amid the resulting chaos, one man has set himself an unusual mission: to transport anything anywhere for anyone—for a price. But what he asks in return is no less mystifying than his self-appointed role… as the Transporter.

The Transporter #1 – Nymph

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2020 | Size : 78 MB

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Star Wars – War Of The Bounty Hunters – Jabba The Hutt #1 (2021)

Star Wars – War Of The Bounty Hunters – Jabba The Hutt #1 (2021) : JABBA NEVER FORGIVES! JABBA NEVER FORGETS! JABBA THE HUTT is one of the most powerful and ruthless gangsters in the galaxy—and BOBA FETT, his most trusted bounty hunter, has failed him. How will Jabba deal with betrayal? VIOLENTLY. And what does this have to do with a bounty hunter with ties to the HIGH REPUBLIC? Justina Ireland and Luca Pizzari’s hutt-sized spectacular is the first of four action-packed “War of the Bounty Hunters” tie-ins about the criminal underworld’s most notorious hunters and scoundrels, all told by the best Star Wars writers and illustrators in the galaxy.

Star Wars – War Of The Bounty Hunters – Jabba The Hutt #1

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 49 MB

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Star Trek – Divided We Fall #1 – 4 (2001)

Star Trek – Divided We Fall #1 – 4 (2001) : Things don’t look good for the Trill homeworld as a rebellion has devastated their society. A small group of terrorists are attacking joined trills and there full intention seems to be killing everyone of them. Odan a great ambassador and friend to many of the U.S.S. Enterprise E Crew has been attacked and Lenara Kahn a renowned scientist and an old lover and wife of Dax is kidnapped and possibly murdered. Unknown about Khan’s situation Ezri Dax jumps into action to save her in a ransom demand. What Ezri also doesn’t know is she is a target and the leader behind all this trouble is her old enemy. This comic takes place after the last episode of Deep Space Nine (DS9) and the Next Generation film Star Trek: Insurrection but before the Next Generation film Star Trek: Nemesis. This is determined because Benjamin Sisko is no longer on the DS9 station and Data, William Riker, and Deanna Troi are still apart of the Enterprise crew.

Star Trek – Divided We Fall #1 – 4

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2001 | Size : 41 MB

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Amazing Spider-Man #71 (2021)

Amazing Spider-Man #71 (2021) : SINISTER WAR CONTINUES! Two of the most deadly villain teams are fighting both Spidey and each other, but what is Kindred’s role in all this?

Amazing Spider-Man #71

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 34 MB

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Doom #1 – 3 (2000)

Doom #1 – 3 (2000) : This three issue miniseries stars Dr. Doom as he makes his way back from the Heroes Reborn fiasco to his home, Latveria.

Update: July 25th, 2021 – Replace the file with digital version

Doom #1 – 3

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2000 | Size : 31 MB

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That Texas Blood #8 (2021)

That Texas Blood #8 (2021) : “EVERSAUL, 1981,” Part Two. P.I. Harlan Eversaul reveals his wild cult theories to a reluctant but desperate sheriff’s office.

That Texas Blood #8

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 36 MB

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The Mighty Valkyries #4 (2021)

The Mighty Valkyries #4 (2021) : THE TERRIBLE THREES! The bowers of Hel are filled – with new life?! Just what is Karnilla, Queen of the Dead, trying to do? And if the cycles of life and death are in flux, where does a Valkyrie’s allegiance fall? Jane Foster and her new comrade in arms, Rúna, must untangle a web of lies before the realms of both the living and the dead are irrevocably changed!

The Mighty Valkyries #4

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 25 MB

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The Department of Truth #11 (2021)

The Department of Truth #11 (2021) : America was built on a lie that’s never quite come true. The cracks in that idealistic vision have inspired dangerous people to do horrible things in the name of an America that’s never really existed. Hawk Harrison knows the genuine story of this country, and he’s ready to give Cole Turner a history lesson.

The Department of Truth #11

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 88 MB

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Darkwing Duck – Just Us Justice Ducks (2021)

Darkwing Duck – Just Us Justice Ducks (2021)

Darkwing Duck – Just Us Justice Ducks (2021) : Here’s where the fun begins: awesome 1980s and 1990s comics based on the classic Disney Afternoon TV cartoons! From the pages of Disney Adventures and its sister magazines come much-requested feature-length thrillers! In “Just Us Justice Ducks,” Darkwing Duck and DuckTales’ Gizmoduck are called to action when the Fearsome Five — Negaduck, Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot, and Quackerjack — successfully take over St. Canard! Then Goofy and Max take a trip on the open road… far from Max’s beloved Roxanne, but into the clutches of a Bigfoot in the original comics adaptation of A Goofy Movie! Then in “The Legend of the Chaos God,” an evil spirit named Solego is trapped in a priceless gem… and wreaks havoc on Cape Suzette, Duckburg, and St. Canard. It’s up to the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing, and the TaleSpin crew to stop him! “…Everybody’s busy, bringing you a Disney Afternoon!”

Darkwing Duck – Just Us Justice Ducks

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 255 MB

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Star Wars Adventures #7 (2021)

Star Wars Adventures #7 (2021) : The Empire has been defeated, but that doesn’t mean that the adventures are over for Luke and Leia, who find themselves in a tricky situation that they have to work together to get out of! Plus, the Crimson Corsair and his band of pirates make their Star Wars Adventures debut!

Star Wars Adventures #7

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 38 MB

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Giant-Size X-Men – Tribute to Wein & Cockrum Gallery Edition (2021)

Giant-Size X-Men – Tribute to Wein & Cockrum Gallery Edition (2021) : One comic book changed the face of Marvel Comics forever in 1975! Writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum revamped the X-Men with an international cast including Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Wolverine! This legendary story took fans by storm and set the stage for the X-Men to become the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe! Now, 36 of Marvel’s top artists come together to re-create this epic story, each drawing one pulse-pounding page in tribute to a true Marvel masterpiece! This all-new, all-different tribute is presented alongside Wein and Cockrum’s inimitable original — together with behind-the-scenes artwork and more special features — and all on oversized pages that give new meaning to the title “Giant-Size X-Men”! ‘Collects Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute to Wein & Cockrum (2020) #1, Giant-Size X-Men (1975) #1.

Giant-Size X-Men – Tribute to Wein & Cockrum Gallery Edition

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 390 MB

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2021

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2021 : For millennia, the Pantheon family have played a deadly chess game with humanity, willingly sacrificing innocent and guilty alike in their twisted pursuit of victory. But now, one member of the family sees the opportunity to end the eternal contest once and for all—a final, crushing triumph over his immortal siblings and all of human- and mutant-kind. The time has arrived for the Rat King to make his most chaotic and destructive moves yet. The time has come at last for… THE ARMAGEDDON GAME! Written by Tom Waltz and illustrated by Casey Maloney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2021 is the official prelude to the major TMNT event years in the making.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 44 MB

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Star Wars #15 (2021)

Star Wars #15 (2021) : “FRIENDS AND ENEMIES” LUKE SKYWALKER embarks upon an epic mission with WEDGE ANTILLES and the brave pilots of STARLIGHT SQUADRON to rescue a lost division of the REBEL FLEET.LEIA ORGANA, CHEWBACCA and LANDO CALRISSIAN attempt to save HAN SOLO from the evil clutches of BOBA FETT. But what hidden vision will the Force send to Luke about the troubles to come?

Star Wars #15

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 34 MB

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Spawn #320 (2021)

Spawn #320 (2021) : As the NEW Spawn Universe begins, our hero is pulled into making a decision that will ultimately force the conflict that spins into SPAWN’s new monthly title coming next month, (KING SPAWN #1). Spawn’s battle against a new and expanding ROGUES GALLERY starts here!

Spawn #320

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 39 MB

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Star Trek – Year Five #23 (2021)

Star Trek – Year Five #23 (2021) : A Tholian horde bearing down on Earth, a time-traveling madman out for blood, a rot festering within the highest levels of the Federation that’s about to explode – and that’s just where we begin! The biggest battle the Enterprise and her crew have ever faced continues in part two of the amazing three-part finale of Star Trek: Year Five from showrunners Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly (Gotham City Garage, Green Arrow) and artist Stephen Thompson (Satellite Falling, Die Hard: Year One).

Star Trek – Year Five #23

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 35 MB

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2000AD #2242 (2021)

2000AD #2242 (2021) : The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic returns with another action packed edition!

2000AD #2242

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 44 MB

user Aisha7500     

I Am Not Starfire (2021)

I Am Not Starfire (2021) : From New York Times bestselling author Mariko Tamaki (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass) and artist Yoshi Yoshitani (Zatanna and the House of Secrets) comes a story about Mandy, the daughter of super-famous superhero Starfire. Seventeen-year-old Mandy, daughter of Starfire, is not like her mother. Starfire is gorgeous, tall, sparkly, and a hero. Mandy is not a sparkly superhero. Mandy has no powers. She’s a kid who dyes her hair black and hates everyone but her best friend, Lincoln. To Starfire, who is from another planet, Mandy seems like an alien, like some distant, angry, light-years away moon. And ever since she walked out on her SATs, which her mom doesn’t know about, Mandy has been even more distant. Everyone thinks Mandy needs to go to college and become whoever you become at college, but Mandy has other plans. Or she did until she gets partnered with Claire, the person she intensely denies liking but definitely likes a lot, for a school project. When someone from Starfire’s past arrives, Mandy must make a choice: give up before the battle has even begun, or step into the unknown and risk everything to save her mom. I Am Not Starfire is a story about teenagers and/as aliens; about knowing where you come from and where you are going; and about mothers.

I Am Not Starfire

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 334 MB

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Strange Adventures #11 (2021)

Strange Adventures #11 (2021) : Adam Strange may save the world, but can he save his marriage? There are things that happened in the original war with the marauding Pykkts that Adam never told his wife, Alanna, and she wants answers now. Adding fuel to the fire is the possibility that he didn’t just deceive her, but entire galactic civilizations, in his quest for victory-which raises the question: How much has been true in the stories he’s told Earth to mobilize its greatest heroes against an invasion right here at home? This is the big one before the finale. Massive secrets are revealed, as two timelines rush toward a collision.

Strange Adventures #11

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 168 MB

user Aisha7500     

Monolith #3 (2021)

Monolith #3 (2021) : Desperate, Sandra sets out to find help, only to be bitten by a venomous snake. Now the heat, venom, and exhaustion play with her mind, turning her into a road warrior hellbent on freeing her child from that iron prison…

Monolith #3

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 60 MB

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Small World #1 (2021)

Small World #1 (2021) : Welcome to SMALL WORLD, a virtual reality tour of the seedy underworld that rich kids hack into their Dreamweaver ™ without their parents knowledge. Hosted by the charming Piedro, kids can live out their wildest adventures. But when the real-world Piedro shows up on Kumiko’s doorstep, the adventure is no longer virtual!

Small World #1

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 50 MB

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Teen Titans Academy #5 (2021)

Teen Titans Academy #5 (2021) : After launching their own investigation into the identity of Red X, Gotham City expatriates and new Titans Academy students Bratgirl, Chupacabra, and Megabat come face to face with the mysterious figure in the flesh. With the tables turned, this Bat Pack of kids must reveal their own secret origins to their masked captor!

Teen Titans Academy #5

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 90 MB

user Aisha7500     

Wonder Woman #776 (2021)

Wonder Woman #776 (2021) : They may look innocent, but the faeries of Elfhame have it in for Wonder Woman! What did Diana do to incur their wrath? Well, it may have something to do with the Roman god who has turned the Sphere of the Gods upside down in pursuit of power. Someone must pay for the damage they’ve caused, and Ratatosk could be the first if Diana doesn’t find him in time!

Back on Themyscira, in the days of Diana’s youth, the missing historical texts are close to being completed, but at what cost? Is knowledge of the Amazons’ past worth all this trouble? Find out as the culprit behind it all reveals themselves and shares a truth that will change Diana’s childhood forever!

Wonder Woman #776

Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2021 | Size : 168 MB

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