- "Creature Concept Tutorial" Fire Dragon - "Creature Concept Tutorial" Fire Dragon

Want to know the fast and easy way to create Creature, Dragon, concept pieces? To creature unique dragon creature design and its suitable environment are one of the most challenging artistic tasks you will have to face in many concept design project.
From video games, as an artist, you will definitely have to execute some mission of designing cool and unique creature. This tutorial will show you how to quickly establish unique dragon creature concept using Photoshop and it variety of tools. The tutorial takes you through step-by-step the creation of a creature design process. First, we covered the basics form, silhuette, and values foundation, then the use of color schemes and composition in your concept. Follow by the essential lighting, values and depth of field. With this tutorial, you will be equipped with insight creature concept foundation, you can now create a dynamic, convincing, colorful, and uniquely badass Dragon Creature concept sketches that you have always envision.



1) Sketch and thumbnails.
2) Find Basic values and composition.
3) Draw dragon's head detail .
4) Assigning color scheme.
5) Painting dragon's head.
6) Painting wings
7) Dragon's body, Textures and Brushes.
Cool Painting body, armor and weapon.
9) Painting rider.
10) Creating quick Environment
11) BONUS Chapter.

Topics covered:

-Sketching and Drawing foundation
-Working with Photoshop
-Managing layers
-Using textures and References.
-Using of Hard and Soft Edges
-Creating suitable color schemes.
-Working with values
-Quick coloring to create mood
-Create and use of custom brushes
-Depth of field
-Many short cuts - "Creature Concept Tutorial" Fire Dragon

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