Videohive - Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters V15 - 24684532


Videohive - Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters V15 - 24684532
CC | 1920x1080 | No Plugin


This project can be used for many different purposes! Great for creating short looping videos, gifs or seamless typographic backgrounds, or for creating motion graphics overlaying one poster on top of another. An incredibly flexible project with handy controllers for color, text and customization. The AtomX extension is included!

gif-1-616-250 01-Free-Atom-X-4 02-Text-edit-4 03-Smart-import-4 04-Speed-4 05-Loop-2 06-Resize-2 07-Lang-2

Poster-01 Poster-02 Poster-03 Poster-04 Poster-05 Poster-06 Poster-07 Poster-08 Poster-09 Poster-10 Poster-11 Poster-12 Poster-13 Poster-14 Poster-15 Poster-16 Poster-17 Poster-18 Poster-19 Poster-20 Poster-21 Poster-22 Poster-23 Poster-24 Poster-25 Poster-26 Poster-27 Poster-28 Poster-29 Poster-30 Poster-31 Poster-32 Poster-33 Poster-34 Poster-35 Poster-36 Poster-37 Poster-38 Poster-39 Poster-40 Poster-41 Poster-42 Poster-43 Poster-44 Poster-45 Poster-46 Poster-47 Poster-48 Poster-49 Poster-50 Poster-51 Poster-52 Poster-53 Poster-54 Poster-55 Poster-56 Poster-57 Poster-58 Poster-59 Poster-60 Poster-61 Poster-62 Poster-63 Poster-64 Poster-65 Poster-66 Poster-67 Poster-68 Poster-69 Poster-70 Poster-71 Poster-72 Poster-73 Poster-74 Poster-75 Poster-76 Poster-77 Poster-78 Poster-79 Poster-80 Poster-81 Poster-82 Poster-83 Poster-84 Poster-85 Poster-86 Poster-87 Poster-88 Poster-89 Poster-90 Poster-91 Poster-92 Poster-93 Poster-94 Poster-95 Poster-96 Poster-97 Poster-98 Poster-99 Poster-100 Poster-101 Poster-102 Poster-103 Poster-104 Poster-105 Poster-106 Poster-107 Poster-108 Poster-109 Poster-110 Poster-111 Poster-112 Poster-113 Poster-114 Poster-115 Poster-116 Poster-117 Poster-118 Poster-119 Poster-120 Poster-121 Poster-122 Poster-123 Poster-124 Poster-125 Poster-126 Poster-127 Poster-128 Poster-129 Poster-130 Poster-131 Poster-132 Poster-133 Poster-134 Poster-135 Poster-136 Poster-137 Poster-138 Poster-139 Poster-140 Poster-141 Poster-142 Poster-143 Poster-144 Poster-145 Poster-146 Poster-147 Poster-148 Poster-149 Poster-150 Poster-151 Poster-152 Poster-153 Poster-154 Poster-155 Poster-156 Poster-157 Poster-158 Poster-159 Poster-160 Poster-161 Poster-162 Poster-163 Poster-164 Poster-165 Poster-166 Poster-167 Poster-168 Poster-169 Poster-170 Poster-171 Poster-172 Poster-173 Poster-174 Poster-175 Poster-176 Poster-177 Poster-178 Poster-179 Poster-180 Poster-181 Poster-182 Poster-183 Poster-184 Poster-185 Poster-186 Poster-187 Poster-188 Poster-189 Poster-190 Poster-191 Poster-192 Poster-193 Poster-194 Poster-195 Poster-196 Poster-197 Poster-198 Poster-199 Poster-200 Poster-201 Poster-202 Poster-203 Poster-204 Poster-205 Poster-206 Poster-207 Poster-208 Poster-209 Poster-210 Poster-211 Poster-212 Poster-213 Poster-214 Poster-215 Poster-216 Poster-217 Poster-218 Poster-219 Poster-220 Poster-221 Poster-222 Poster-223 Poster-224 Poster-225 Poster-226 Poster-227 Poster-228 Poster-229 Poster-230 Poster-231 Poster-232 Poster-233 Poster-234 Poster-235 Poster-236 Poster-237 Poster-238 Poster-239 Poster-240 Poster-241 Poster-242 Poster-243 Poster-244 Poster-245 Poster-246 Poster-247 Poster-248 Poster-249 Poster-250 Poster-251 Poster-252 Poster-253 Poster-254 Poster-255 Poster-256 Poster-257 Poster-258 Poster-259 Poster-260 Poster-261 Poster-262 Poster-263 Poster-264 Poster-265 Poster-266 Poster-267 Poster-268 Poster-269 Poster-270 Poster-271 Poster-272 Poster-273 Poster-274 Poster-275 Poster-276 Poster-277 Poster-278 Poster-279 Poster-280 Poster-281 Poster-282 Poster-283 Poster-284 Poster-285 Poster-286 Poster-287 Poster-288 Poster-289 Poster-290 Poster-291 Poster-292 Poster-293 Poster-294 Poster-295 Poster-296 Poster-297 Poster-298 Poster-299 Poster-300 Poster-301 Poster-302 Poster-303 Poster-304 Poster-305 Poster-306 Poster-307 Poster-308 Poster-309 Poster-310 Poster-311 Poster-312 Poster-313 Poster-314 Poster-315 Poster-316 Poster-317 Poster-318 Poster-319 Poster-320 Poster-321 Poster-322 Poster-323 Poster-324 Poster-325

Main Features

  • 325 Loop Posters
  • Infinity duration
  • 100% After Effects
  • Any fonts
  • Atom extension
  • Ae CC2019 and above
  • Any aspect ratio
  • 30FPS
  • Up to 4k (3840×3840 max)
  • Easy to edit
  • Video tutorial included
  • Well Organized
  • No plug-ins required
  • Free font links in archive
  • Sound not included


v.15 (05-24-2021)                       
* + Improved Step by step tutorial how install AtomX extension. 


v.15 (05-23-2021)                       
* Added AtomX extension. 
  All posters will always be in quick access and live preview.
* Remastered all previous posters and add new ones.
* Total number of posters - 325.
* A lot of work has been done to optimize the project.
  Render time has decreased, given the fact that the resolution is 4k.
* All expressions are written for the new javascript engine. 
  This will make rendering fast.
* The old Legacy ExtendScript engine is supported by almost all posters (95%). 
  This will make it possible to integrate any other projects.
* Up to 4k resolution for professional use.
* Added ability to change animation speed.
* Improved text handling.
* Auto Size Fonts.
  The font size of your title automatically fits to the presets content area.
* Added ability to change animation speed.
* Added the ability to add animation keys for all controllers.
* Added the ability to use the same posters in one project. 
  Any number of copies.





Videohive - Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters V15 - 24684532





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This thing is as dead as Bernie. Just would ask that you PLEASE stop uploading files that don't work. Just a huge waste of time for everyone...and you makes you guys look like schmucks!
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Links for the rest of the posters are dead. why do you upload projects with dead links?!
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All the download links inside the project do not work & there is no purchase code either
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All links are dead.
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Bro, why do you upload projects with dead links? Either pack them and make it available or don't post it at all, you damage your credibility.
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This is fake. All the links are down.
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Needs purchase code.
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