Surt Font Family


Surt Font Family

Surt, a Norse sans typeface. Surt, the devil giant, the swarthy jötunn. The destroyer of worlds, he whose flames will engulf the Earth—the leader of Múspell’s sons, riding to ragnarök. This typeface family, inspired by Norse mythology and Scandiavian Architecture, draws a bridge between a geometric sans and a human process in the whole shape design. 

As such, each glyph has been designed based on a similar structure. Circles, ovals, rectangles and squares compose the basic ground on which the font is built. Yet, you can feel there’s a “pinch” in the counterforms’ drawing, offering a less digitized design. It is especially distinguishable in the digits’ drawings. The character set will allow text layouts to have this unusual corkiness which make it so perticular and so comfortable to read. The rounded glyphs’ width are shaped in such a way that they operate a discrete rupture in the text rythmin.

It comes with four styles (Condensed, Normal, Expanded, Extended), only the Normal version is available for now, with a large number of different weights and Obliques for a total of 66 different fonts. The Condensed, Expanded and Extended fonts of this family are available on request. The family contains many variations on a few selected characters (I J K M Q R U X a d i j k l n q r & t u y 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : , … ! ¡ . ? ¿ ;) and both squared/circled punctuation. A Light/Oblique version was designed especially for the standard width version, allowing an even greater range of usefulness.

This complex and quite large character set offers a great range of possibilities for a wide range of utilities. The Black weight has been designed to be as dark as possible while maintaining enough light for decent reading. However, we would still recommand you not to use it in small sizes: it will show its true usefulness when displayed in headlines and large text displays.


This very straight forward approach to a geometric design displays a powerful link to the Scandinavian inspiration giving this unusual tool a wide panel of usage; from text layout to brand identity, signage system, websites, etc.


Surt Font Family


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