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SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software


Make Your Own Guilloche Design to Make Copyrighted Documents! 

Language ENG/RUS | x64 and x32(recommend) |  251 MB


SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software

SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software

SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software

SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software

SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software

SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software




  • Program Cerber - one of the first development tools guilloche elements , which can then be exported to be protected documents .
  • CERBER ® software product designed for professional designers and guilloche recommended for use in the protection of documents and securities .

Guilloche - protective net !

  • Guilloche or protective mesh or tangir - a special protection technology banknotes , documents, securities and other types of printed materials ( tickets, tax stamps , etc.). Document security is ensured by a complex composition of various guilloche elements that cover the surface of the protected documents. Guilloche element is also an intricate pattern of a plurality of multiple intersecting finest lace lines defined by mathematical formulas . Normally guilloche elements - is a different kind of safety nets , rosettes , borders, vignettes and corners . By its design and design guilloche can be both symmetric and asymmetric , to cover only part of the document or the whole of its area . However, under existing regulations , guilloche elements should occupy at least 70% of the total area of the security , with much of this space should be covered with a rose composition consisting of multi-colored elements.
  • Guilloche provides a very high degree of protection of the securities , in particular to protect against counterfeiting banknotes . Guilloche composition impossible to exactly reproduce using a scanner : literally microscopic thickness ( from 40 to 70 microns) and constantly changing curvature of each line creates insurmountable obstacles before risuyuschim unit with insufficient for performing such operations resolution. Complicated even for scanning monochrome guilloche elements , as they often contain repetitive periodic elements that require huge amounts of memory of the PC , which makes the computer.
  • Forge a rose composition obtained by Orlov printing even harder . The fact that in this method, printing is performed with a printing forme by means of the intermediate colorful patterns having color images for each original. Each colorful picture conveys a colorful picture on the combined shaft and then to form the team with all of the original pattern . This allows a single pass through the press sheet printed without any offsets or discontinuities multicolor pattern. As a result, each line in a rose composition smoothly and arbitrarily change its color , so to forge its conventional printing methods is almost impossible. Fake line will either continuous but monochrome or color -changing , but intermittent , consisting of halftone dots . Fulfill both requirements will not work.
  • This type of protection against counterfeiting printing products as guilloche , a success for more than a century . In Russia guilloche elements began to be printed on the assignations and other securities under Alexander II. In the XIX century guilloche created on special mechanical guilloche machines. For a long time its existence guilloche technology has been continuously improved . Ways to create guilloche elements became easier while the level of complexity of the compositions of these elements increased . Now all guilloche elements modeled special computer programs , and printed or offset or multicolor printing Orel .
  • Undoubtedly, guilloche - effective way to protect documents, etc. against counterfeiting. However, a drawing program guilloche elements can acquire the original manufacturer, and pirate and simple consumer to distinguish the real from the fake guilloche quite difficult. Therefore, when the protection of the printing , or other articles from counterfeiting , it is desirable to use not only a guilloche , but other means of protection.
  • It is interesting that very often guilloche elements become part of the overall document layout , design element. Normally guilloche decorated with diplomas , certificates . Of course, there guilloche elements and adequately perform its basic function - to protect against counterfeiting , but more attention is paid to their appearance .
  • When used in printing guilloche elements very important to consider that the color lines should be either 100 % simple or pontoon . When specifying other color options can be problems with a combination of print. The right thing to paint all the lines in a 100-percent black, and the image is divided into different layers . When printing each layer is displayed on a separate film and printed a different color. Recommended to use pantone colors are not too bright colors. When printing on a printer color lines can be arbitrary, but for complex composite color lines in the image can be divided into colored composite point. In this case, the quality of the result depends entirely on the printer .
  • Since the principle of guilloche elements based on the use and application of the standard functions such as sine and cosine , the user software on a rose plot will need at least a basic knowledge of higher mathematics. But, in principle , to cope with such programs can and designers without mathematical education.
  • Guilloche elements are created in stages. First, given the basis on which will be built and all subsequent steps . As such a framework can be any geometric shape , forming a coordinate system in which will be created and guilloche pattern. In the second stage are given two envelopes curves serve as the basis for all other lines. Only after this is done in the function to fill the space between the envelopes .
  • Software market chart on a rose is quite narrow , with most products displayed on our - this additional modules (plugins ) to popular vector graphics editors , primarily Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. They are characterized by a relatively low price and just as limited functionality , and results can only be used as decorative elements - they are not difficult to protect documents.
  • Perhaps the best of the full package for the guilloche- Russian company offers designers SecuritySoft Co. In its arsenal of three product groups , covering almost the full range of problems arising in the development of protective elements of graphic design .
  • With the help of the program may create CERBER ® protective and decorative guilloche elements used for protection against forgery of documents for registration of excise marks, and lottery tickets , diplomas , certificates and diplomas. CERBER ® program allows you to quickly generate a variety of nets, ceiling medallions , borders , and other guilloche elements to specify the search precise numerical parameters . The program includes original mathematical algorithms that can help protect you created a unique design from counterfeiting and duplication. Design elements can not be accurately replicate even with the same program without accurate data on formulas used in numeric values. For the coefficients in the formulas can be used fractional numbers with lots of digits after the decimal point , which gives a unique function . Creating elements by the user interactively - you can immediately see the result of the program on the screen. Work on the elements divided into stages , each of which is well described in the reference section . Guilloche elements are defined geometrically and managed a number of parameters , which greatly accelerates the process of creating them , simplifies further modification and frees up time for creative designer experiments. The output is exported to PostScript- file ( in format EPS), which can be used by any vector editor or layout program (Adobe ® Illustrator ®, Macromedia ® FreeHand ®, CorelDRAW ®, Deneba ® Canvas ®, and others).
  • The program Cerber four basic types , based on which creates a whole set of guilloche elements. The most fundamental of these is the foundation - a geometric shape that describes the shape of future images . It is selected when creating a new list of available guilloche shapes ( polygons , ovals , open curves , etc.) and determines the future behavior , but will not be reflected in the final rendering .
  • Superimposed on the basis of the envelope - a curve constructed from a given trigonometric function . That it will snap a picture of the final details , to create guilloche patterns need to add at least two envelopes .
  • The third basic element - aggregate - formed by a plurality of curves described by a single set of functions and limited two envelopes . It is perceived as a placeholder characteristic grid guilloche .
  • The fourth basic element Cerber - function , the exact set of features. Some of them come with the package , but truly original drawings will be obtained only when the function determines the user.
  • New multi- interface CERBER ® clear and easy to learn.

Main parameters and features:

  • new multi , convenient and intuitive interface
  • " floating " tool palette
  • high speed and stable performance
  • customizable computational accuracy
  • viewing and control of guilloche created
  • ability to edit parameters in real time
  • multilevel system cancel the changes
  • Simultaneous work with several documents
  • enhanced support for working with color
  • automatic creation of masks for guilloche
  • "master guilloche " - an effective tool for rapid creation of guilloche
  • loading of additional sets of basic guilloche in "master guilloche " ( will be sold on CD)
  • a wide selection of basic shapes ( " foundations " ), including imported user
  • interactive editing of " fundamentals "

Defined Functions

  • tree view of the project structure guilloche
  • work with " layers " and for whom they can be off the show
  • ability to connect additional effects (plug-in filters)
  • getting irregular guilloche
  • modulation parameters guilloche various functions
  • effects of multiple overlay different images on the grid guilloche
  • "effect in the effect " - the effect on the imposition of multiple effect
  • effect " extruded " one touch image
  • protection against unauthorized access to the documents in the internal format
  • Export results of constructing the standard PostScript- file
  • Improved optimization of the output PostScript- file
  • new mechanism to protect programs from unauthorized copying

With this program you can create CERBER ® elements and effects following items :

  • closed form elements - rosettes
  • linear elements - curbs
  • background elements - protective and decorative grids
  • surface - is for receiving the auxiliary elements of irregular guilloche ( original image, e.g. a grid is superimposed on a user-defined 3- dimensional surface , resulting in a new image is irregular )
  • special effects - based on halftone images (plug-in filters )
  • - 3D- drawing of the extruded mesh - offset grid lines depends on the halftone pattern
  • - Preview of microprinted - microprinted modulation halftone pattern
  • - Various modulation grid halftone image amplitude , phase, frequency ...
  • - Dashed and engravings effects - Halftoning different types of dashed lines
  • - Ornament - overlay lines with different widths on each other
  • combined elements - consist of combinations of the above
  • Collection of decorative and protective guilloche design elements.

CD # 4 - cell grid guilloche font .

  • Grid - cell on the disk are presented in two sizes: 12h18mm and 20x30mm .
  • The file name has the following format:
  • pat - prefix grid - cell
  • cell size ( 12x18 or 20x30 )
  • conditional invoice number grid (15 to 21)
  • the symbol font symbol :
  • with special characters
  • 0-9 numeric characters
  • a-z letters
  • r1-r32 Cyrillic
  • Orasje line in black ( 100 % black) color. The thickness of the lines 40 to 80 microns.

The data format :

CDR - CorelDRAW! 8.0 or higher

EPS - Adobe Illustrator EPS 7.0 or higher

TIFF - raster ( preview )


Using guilloche elements

1. Open the file

- In CorelDRAW! one of the folders in the "CDR"

- In Adobe Illustrator in a folder "EPS"

2 . To change the color, select the line and set new color .

WARNING ! When used in printing color guilloche lines must be 100% simple (one of the triad ), or 100% mixtures ( Pantone ) .

When specifying , for example, 60 % C 30 % M 20% K - have problems with sovmesheniem print.

3 . Continued use of guilloche element is no different from using a conventional vector images .


System Requirements

  • IBM or compatible Pentium / AMD processor ( 900 MHz or greater), 512 MB ​​RAM or greater. 1024 x 768 , 16 -bit display ( 32 -bit recommended)
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Vista all SP
  • Windows 7
  • Language Multilanguage (RUS)


SecuritySoft - Cerber, Rosette and Graver Software



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