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FilmConvert Pro — Film Stock Emulation Software. Give Digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite film stocks. We've said a lot about the digital versus film debate, and a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. Film still had a technological advantage over digital until really the last few years or so, and now we have digital sensors which can match or exceed film stocks with dynamic range. Either way, with digital sensors being "too clean" for some people who have loved the look of film, there is a program called FilmConvert that takes the color information of specific cameras and actually uses that to determine how a specific film stock could best be represented using that sensor.


Camera Controls
— Source Camera Selects the camera (or camera type) used to shoot your footage. This setting is required in order to apply the correct color correction.
— Exposure Performs an adjustment prior to the film emulation being applied.
— Temp Adjusts the color temperature. This assumes that the clip temp is 5600 (daylight). Moving the slider to the left makes the scene cooler. Moving to the right makes it warmer.

Film Controls
— Convert To drop down Selects the particular film stock to be emulated.
— Size drop down Selects the negative size to emulate. Smaller values such as 8mm are fuzzier with larger grain. Larger values have smaller grain.
— Film Color slider Adjusts the balance between the original digital camera color palette, and the film color palette. Typically you would leave this at 100% film
— Grain slider Adjusts the amount of grain applied to the image. The default is 100%, which is an accurate representation of the grain for the selected film stocks. Some stocks have more grain — such as D3200.
— Blur Slider Adjusts the amount of blur applied to the image when either an 8mm or 16mm negative size is chosen. The default is 100%, which is an accurate representation of the amount of fuzziness that will be present with the selected negative size. The blur is applied before the grain.

Supported Cameras:
FilmConvert works on any Digital Camera footage. For more accurate results, we are releasing free data packs with profiles of various cameras. Currently released packs:
— Arri Alexa
— Blackmagic Cinema Camera
— Blackmagic Pocket Camera
— Canon 5D Mk II
— Canon 5D Mk III
— Canon 6D
— Canon 550D / T2i
— Canon 600D / T3i
— Canon 7D / 60D
— Canon C100
— Canon C300
— Canon XF300
— GoPro Hero
— Nikon D800
— Nikon D7000
— Panasonic GH2
— Panasonic GH3
— RED one
— RED one MX
— RED EPIC / Scarlet
— Sony EX3 / EX1
— Sony FS700 / FS100
Until your camera is added, try using the default profile, which is accurate for most cameras.



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