GenArts particleIllusion 1.0.41 for After Effects CS3-CC

GenArts particleIllusion 1.0.41 for After Effects CS3-CC | 96.4 MB

GenArts particleIllusion for After Effects (pIAE) is plug-in for for After Effects enables artists to create gorgeous particle effects directly within After Effects, producing a more efficient workflow and significantly enhanced productivity. Like its stand-alone sibling particleIllusion 3.0, pIAE is built on the industry’s most robust 2D particle generation engine. As a result, it features the same highly acclaimed speed and ease of use that have made wondertouch products so popular with compositing artists.


In addition, pIAE provides access to the thousands of existing wondertouch emitters -- downloadable presets designed to allow users to effortlessly create natural, high-quality effects such as smoke, fire, explosions, sparkles, fireworks and countless abstract effects -- without ever leaving the After Effects environment.

GenArts particleIllusion for After Effects features include:

- The ability to load most of the more than 2,800 existing particleIllusion emitters in After Effects, including the popular "Pro Emitters"
- The same emitter search engine found in wondertouch particleView
- Access to all top-level particle parameters, including size, life, number, velocity, etc. to further customize the particles for each project
- OpenGL-accelerated rendering
- Full support for HD content

Artists using particleIllusion for After Effects can gain even greater control by using it in conjunction with particleIllusion 3.0. An excellent companion to pIAE, particleIllusion 3.0 grants access to all emitter settings and lower-level parameters such as color gradients, particle images, initial angle settings, and so on. Artists can also create new emitters and libraries, or move emitters between libraries using particleIllusion 3.0.

particleIllusion 3.0 as a standalone application has earned its reputation by allowing customers to create stunning, natural effects that they would never have the time or resources to accomplish with other tools. particleIllusion for After Effects further enhances artists’ creativity by offering convenient, intuitive access to our amazing preset library without having to leave the After Effects environment.

What you can do with particleIllusion:

Add Effects to Video or Images - From feature film to home video, Adding effects to existing footage (movies or images) is the most common use of particleIllusion. Load your footage, select effects from the existing libraries of over 1500 emitters, adjust any parameters to customize (if needed), then render.

Create Motion Graphics Elements - If you do motion graphics work, particleIllusion is an amazing source of artistic elements for your compositions. There are literally hundreds of different abstract emitters that you can combine in countless ways, and you can always customize the effects in any way needed, for an endless supply of elements.

Build Custom Animated Backgrounds - If you ever use pre-rendered artistic footage collections for backgrounds, why not use particleIllusion instead? There are dozens of existing emitters that were designed for backgrounds, and many, many more that can be used that way as well. Each are completely customizable, so you can create fresh looks with very little effort -- no more being stuck with what the footage collection contains.

Distort Video or Images - particleIllusion particles have the ability to grab colors from background footage, resulting in many different types of effects that typically require other types of applications, filters, or plug-ins. Simulate water ripples, blurs, artistic brushstrokes, mosaics -- even "disintegrate" people and objects (an advanced technique that requires a little more work than other effects). Another great use for the powerful particleIllusion 3.0 engine!

Create Art (and Have Fun!) - particleIllusion 3.0 is so easy to use, and provides so many beautiful emitters (effects), that it's a great creative tool. Don't have any video clips that need effects added? Don't do motion graphics work? Just use particleIllusion to create art! One of the most common comments we hear from customers is that creating and modifying emitters is a lot of fun -- when is the last time you said that about using a graphics application?

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