HotDoor CADtools 8.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator
HotDoor CADtools 8.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator | 34.9 Mb

Hot Door CADtools - a complete technical illustration solution for Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6 on Macintosh or Windows. CADtools allows users to draw, edit, and dimension objects in scale for the first time within Illustrator, with 10 panels and 76 drawing, editing, dimensioning, construction, and labeling tools. The CADtools plug-in mimics Illustrator's tool behavior for designers seeking a creative, easy-to-use alternative to complex CAD applications.


Hot Door CADtools 8 features smooth performance, smart panel organization, and refreshing time-savers for designers with Adobe Illustrator CS3-CS6. The new underlying Hot Door CORE provides more fluidity and extensibility than ever before. With this new CORE, CADtools 8 is easily updated to handle feature requests and compatibility concerns with Adobe's Creative Cloud or traditional licenses.

New features added in CADtools 8:
CS6 and CC compatibility
Hot Door CORE™ technology dramatically improves speed and performance and ensures prompt release of new updates and upgrades for Ai Creative Cloud compatibility
Instant updates of attached dimensions (optional) replaces need to update links
CADunits panel to simplify control
CADdimension panel combines former CADtext and CADstyle panels
Unlimited custom scales with CADscale panel
Corner Profile tool for shaping corners
Chain Datum Dimension tools
Rounded Rectangle tools
Improved isometric/axonometric drawing and new CADaxonometric panel replacing former CADisometric panel
Improved fillet/trim/extend tools
Integrated scaled CADrulers and CADgrids
CADcontrol bar
CADtools Preferences under the Window > CADtools menu defines general document settings

Updates and fixes in CADtools 8.2.4:
* Fixed fractional precision bug
* Localized for both Traditional and Simplified Chinese
* Minor CADtracker fixes - large areas (over several billion square units) no longer display incorrectly
* Datum Feature drawing improvements
* Improved CADtracker support for multiple artboards
* Fixed CADtracker perimeter calculations for compound paths
* CADtracker Transform now recognizes change in ruler origin
* CADdimension colors converted properly for swatches
* Several label tool bug fixes
* Improved handling of multiple artboards
* CADtracker now takes scaled ruler origins into account
* New automatic check for updates on launch, with additional options in CADtools Preferences
* CADtools panels now support keyboard shortcuts
* Tools properly remember keyboard shortcuts
* Custom scale now supports fractions
* Scale calculator now supports symbols and placed images
* CADtracker now includes pop-out menu for choosing to retain field values for repetitive Move and Transform functions
* CADtracker Move will allow editing of individual points on a path (as available in CT7)
* "Point to best/inside/outside" CADdimension setting works more consistently and can now be edited after dimensions are created
* Chain datum dimensions now recognize "Distance above line" CADdimension setting
* Compound paths now calculate area correctly
* Proportion tool now works with both Illustrator and CADtools objects
* Proportion tool correctly works with keyed objects so that grouped art and text resize together
* Presets now retain proper incremental values for dimensions and labels
* Wall tool now joins wall ends and faces more consistently




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