G-Lock Software EasyMail 6.83.2200

G-Lock Software EasyMail 6.83.2200 | 27.7 MB

G-Lock EasyMail – the most cost-effective bulk email sender software that companies and individuals all over the world are using to send fantastic email campaigns, manage their lists and increase their return on investment.With G-Lock EasyMail you can maintain your in-house mailing list, safely and securely either on your computer, or in a remote database, create and send HTML email newsletters in minutes!

Program Features
    One-time payment — no recurring fees!
    Unlimited number of recipients and groups — you don't pay any additional fee as far as your list is growing
    In-house mailing list – With G-Lock EasyMail you maintain an in-house mailing list. You do not upload your recipients to any 3rd party. Only you can access your recipients and sending statistics.
    Does not expose your email addresses to other recipients – G-Lock EasyMail does not expose your email list to other recipients within the group. Each recipient will see only his/her email address in the To field when he/she receives the message.
    Compatible with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) – if you don't have your own SMTP server and can't use your ISP mail server due to email sending restrictions, you can easily setup G-Lock EasyMail to send emails using Amazon SES mail settings
    42 professionally designed email templates provided with the program — you save your time for creating a HTML email newsletter [just pick the desired template and add your content]
    Import of HTML and plain text email messages — if you have created an HTML email message in an external program, just load it in G-Lock EasyMail and save the email as template for further use
    Import-export of the recipients' email addresses and other information — you don't lose any contact data
    Ability to create a link to any ODBC compatible database such as MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and others which means you can send a message to contacts stored in the database without export-import — big time saver!
    Mail merge option which allows you send a personalized email to each recipient
    Personalized attachment to each recipient — you can automatically rename the attachment for each recipient based on the information contained in the address book
    Compatible with email tracking service G-Lock Analytics [the price for G-Lock Analytics is NOT included into the price for G-Lock EasyMail license] — you'll see who opened your email and clicked the links in the email in real time!
    Bounce email management which means you can keep your list up-to-date, prevent your IP from being blacklisted, protect your good sender reputation, and increase the speed of sending for future email campaigns
    Unique exclusion lists for groups and databases — you can add the recipients who unsubscribed to the exclusion list in order not to send emails to them anymore
    Email delivery stop and resume — a workaround for ISP restrictions on emails sent
    Email campaign scheduler — you can run your campaigns at night to avoid mail server overload which means faster email delivery
    Multiple workplaces within the program — great opportunity for outsourcing email marketing. You can create a unique workplace for each of your clients, send email campaigns for other people and have an additional income
    Backup/Restore option — you don't lose any data when you need to move G-Lock EasyMail from one computer to another or re-install your system.

Homepage - http://www.glocksoft.com/easymail/

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