Verisium vPerformer v3.1.0.26

Verisium vPerformer v3.1.0.26 | 11.7 mb

vPerformer is a load testing tool that is used to measure the performance, scalability and load stress capacity of web applications.vPerformer can show you how well your application responds when it is subjected to a large concurrent user load.

vPerformer will allow you to effortlessly create load testing scripts that model the typical user interactions with your web application. You can then simulate loads of thousands of concurrent virtual users against these load testing scripts. This will enable you to easily detect any performance issues. vPerformer also provides you with the tools to monitor not just the web application under test but also associated components that interact with the application in any way. This includes web servers, application servers, database servers, operating systems, network components, and the various SNMP implementations. This allows you to locate performance bottlenecks and pinpoint the root causes of the performance issues.

A simple, easy to use interface based on point-and-click operations significantly lowers the learning curve.
Does not require a development background. javascript is however fully supported and performance test engineers with a development background can use javascript for scripting.
vPerformer can simulate thousands of virtual users while placing an insignificant load of its own. Performance Test engineers, without any programming expertise, can comprehensively test the performance characteristics of their web applications.
Develop customized, data-driven and modular web load testing scripts for a highly productive testing process.
Flexibility of distributed web load testing with a single point of control.
The recorder can group recorded HTTP requests by web page or it can record each HTTP request individually.
Support for multiple platforms, browsers, web servers, application servers and database servers over a LAN or WAN. Most other load testing tools in the market have very weak external monitoring options.


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