Sharp World Clock v5.60

Sharp World Clock v5.60 | 8 Mb

Sharp World Clock is a sophisticated speaking World Time Clock, Time Zone Converter, Alarm Clock, Count-Down-Timer, World Map, Meeting Scheduler, Feed Reader, Sticky Notes tool, Weather Report and more... all in one Program at an unbeatable price!


If you need an accurate, flexible desktop world clock - look no further! Sharp World Clock is a top-league, mature program with lots of features, that will meet and exceed the needs of even the most demanding user. The program has proven its reliability since 2007. It is constantly being updated, to always match the latest changes in daylight saving rules all over the world.

Program Features
Any number of clocks you need, in a line (horizontal / vertical) or grid arrangement or free floating
Fully transparent background - no more surrounding rectangle
Undock Clocks from the main window and arrange them anywhere; redock them if you need to
Fully customizable, huge city database every Time Zone and every Country in the world plus many virtual locations (Time Zones), search function included
Show the time on analog and/or digital Clocks
Choose from a variety of Date / Time Formatters or create your own time format in your own language or in any language; use 12 hour (am/pm) mode or 24 hour (military) mode
Select any Color (solid or gradient) or Background Image (stretched or tiled) you like for the clock faces; you can change the provided presets or create your own from scratch
Choose different Fonts for the city labels, the digital clock and even the analog clock face
Select from 9 different hour / minute hands and 9 different second hands for the analog clocks
Soft shadows for the clock hands and the labels (Windows Vista / Windows 7 only)
Integrated World Map with time zones, Earth Shadow and the sun's position plus zoom view with Country Borders
Realistically sounding Chimes (sound signals) on the hour and optionally every quarter (church bell / grandfather's clock style)
Accurate Sunrise, Sunset and Moon Phase calculation (no internet connection required), even for the polar zones!
Integrated Alarm Center with unlimited alarms (local time zone or any other time zone (once, hourly, weekly, monthly, annualy, periodic timers plus count-down timers), silent or with sound in wav, mp3, wma or mid format; even enable spoken messages!
Always up-to-date Daylight Saving Time (DST) database, it is updated with the Windows updates (you do not have to update the program ever to stay up-to-date!)
Global, configurable Hotkeys to hide and show the program window, to power off your monitor(s) during work breaks and to eject your disk drive with a key combination
Display the local time offset and a "daylight saving" indicator (*) for each city in the upper left corner of the clock faces and an AM/PM indicator in the right corner
Speaking Time on the hour or on the quarter, every 5 minutes or even every minute
International Country Flags of all countries on top of the clock faces (removable)
Optionally "gray out" clocks, which are outside of the Out of Office time span; this time span can be set for each clock individually
Unmovable mode and Click through mode, to use the program as a desktop background
Temporarily adjust the time of all clocks within a +/- 12 hours time span (5 minute grid) with a Simulation Slider, so you can instantly and intuitively see the time in other cities for any selected time!
Unique Artifical Sky feature (a graphical representation of the day/night sky) for every clock, showing the position of the sun on the horizon (for both northern and southern hemisphere)
Add, change or delete cities and assemble a Favourites collection, if you like
Auto-sort clocks by time zone or by city name; Optionally change the clock order by drag & drop within a list view
Easy-to-use RSS/Atom Feed Reader with search function: Keeps you in touch with your favourite News Feeds from the internet (editable collection of news sites included)
System Tray (Tray Icon) mode, Always On Top option
Time Zone Converter - easily convert from one time zone to another for any given date
Meeting Scheduler - arrange meetings easily and intuitively in the graphical overview of all time zones
NIST / Atomic (Internet) Time - check the exact time from the internet and correct the program, if neccessary
Sticky Notes tool - attach virtual resizable "Stickies" to your desktop, with editable colors and fonts
Integrated Weather Report for each of the included cities and locations, with temperature, wind, humidity and air pressure data
Dialing codes for all countries for phone conferences
Export / Import function to save/backup and transfer all your settings and load them again later
Ready for Multi-Monitor-Environments and Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Easy to use and to configure: you'll probably never need the help files. It's not just a Tool - it's also a Toy!
Excellent stablilty and accuracy and no internet connection required during normal use

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