Lucatec Mask (Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook) 4.0.1 Multilanguage

Lucatec Mask (Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook) 4.0.1 Multilanguage | 7.70 Mb

The Lucatec® Mask Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook® is a small utility which automates certain routine tasks if you have set up public eMail accounts for individual departments, branches or tasks of your organization.


Apart from your personal eMail address/mailbox you may have access to one or more shared mailboxes or Public Folders, e.g. for your department or for special functions like user support. If you want to send an eMail on behalf of that team or function you have to manually enter the respective sender address into the "From" field. Otherwise the mail would be sent from your personal email address and any replies would end up in your personal mailbox rather than in the team's folder (and you would have to remember to move same to the shared mailbox for other users to be able to view it). You might furthermore have to take care to use a special message signature appropriate to the current sender.

This is where Lucatec® Mask steps in: It will automatically determine the correct sender address, save target and signature to use based on the current folder context (e.g. whether the user is currently inside a shared mailbox or mail-enabled Public Folder). It can set the sender address to any arbitrary address that the user has been granted "Send On Behalf Of" or "Send As" permissions for.

Lucatec® Mask's default behaviour was designed with the most common scenarios in mind. For instance, mails sent from a mail-enabled Public Folder or any of its sub-folders will automatically be sent on behalf of that folder and the respective sent messages will also be stored inside that very folder. Likewise, messages sent from within a shared mailbox will naturally be sent on behalf of that mailbox and be saved in that mailbox's Sent Items folder. All this will work right from the get go without you having to perform any additional configuration. It doesn't stop there, though: If your requirements are more complex than these two examples you have a powerful set of individual configuration options readily available at your finger tips to fine-tune the behaviour.

Feature Overview:
- automatically determines appropriate sender properties of shared Exchange® Server mailbox accounts and mail-enabled Public Folders without further need to perform manual configuration
- automatically sets the From field depending on your current location in the Outlook folder tree
- optionally moves or copies sent messages to the relevant mailbox's Sent Items folder, the originating Public Folder itself or a freely selectable folder of your own choice
- allows to auto-insert signatures depending on the current folder selection - different signatures can be defined for new messages and replies or forwards respectively
- NEW in 3.0! by using default naming rules for signatures, it becomes unnecessary in many cases to set up signatures at the folder level. Instead, Lucatec® Mask can simply determine which signature to use by the name of the folder/mailbox or the mail account associated with it
- NEW in 3.0! synchronizes Outlook signatures with a central network location, thus making it possible to administer them at a single location
- NEW in 3.0! when designing your email signatures you can use dynamic placeholders, e.g. for the name or address of the current user or even for inserting the contents of an external file. When the signature gets inserted into the message these get automatically replaced with the desired contents. This way, the same signature template can be used for multiple users, further decreasing the administration effort.
- NEW in 4.0! better yet, dynamic placeholders in signatures are actually integrated with Active Directory, i.e. you can use any of the attributes associated either with the current user or the message's sender inside the signature, such as Department, Title, Phone, Mailing Address, etc.
- allows overriding of sender properties for individual folders, even when they're not mail-enabled otherwise (useful e.g. for sub-folders of mail-enabled public folders or for sorting messages sent from a public folder into a different, dedicated folder)
And many more..

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