PreSonus Studio One Pro v2.0.3-UNION
PreSonus Studio One Pro v2.0.3-UNION | 83MB

Studio One is a new, integrated approach to recording music, from tracking to mixing to mastering and distribution. It’s a creative environment built for intuitive use, speed, and efficiency-and yet it’s robust enough for the most complex productions.


Changes In Version 2.0.3:
add: Drag Send from open channel to closed channel view
add: [Pro EQ] Band name highlight when mouse is over graphical EQ
add: Remove from recent files list command per entry on Start Page
add: Crossfade grouped editing
add: Remove track and instrument command in track controls context menu
add: Drag to Soundcloud node in browser
add: Quantize Panel has quantize on track or in event switch
add: Command for inserting bend markers (Alt+Insert)
add: Audio quantize and transient detection only applied to event range

fix: [Melodyne] Tracks can have timing offset when edited with Melodyne
fix: [Melodyne] Crash if audio files are missing
fix: Hang on songs with OpenAIR loaded
fix: Track list mixer Hide/Show not synced when mixer is closed
fix: Event transpose and velocity not changed after merge
fix: File name of bounced files gets truncated
fix: Input follow does not respect monitor follows record option
fix: Folder track bus selector not updated when bus is removed
fix: Remove track unhides hidden track
fix: Stem export can have mixed signal on stem
fix: Hidden outputs not usable when importing version 1 songs
fix: Automation value edit not working for 3rd party plugins
fix: Locate in empty space not enabled for note editor
fix: Crash with Copy Ranges to track
fix: Crash using bypass with some plugins
fix: Crash in Level Meter RMS length switch
fix: Crash after deleting note event
fix: Toggle snap with shift not working when inserting bend marker
fix: Audio quantize improved for too far away markers
fix: Opening editor suspends auto scroll
fix: Jumping bend markers while inserting
fix: Bend marker not immediately updated in editor
fix: Removed keyboard shortcuts are restored
fix: [Sample One] Resets parameters when using previous and next sample buttons
fix: [Ampire] Global FX LED not working for Tube Driver
fix: [Scope] Not retriggering when using time scale
fix: [Open AIR] Crash with multichannel wave files
fix: [Tuner] Displays wrong octave
fix: [Project] Image export cue file has better compatibility
fix: [Project] UPC/EAN code not written correctly
fix: [Project] DDP export can crash when CD limits reached
fix: [Project] Divider position not saved in project
fix: [Project] DDP export not compatible with WaveLab
fix: [Project] CD can have shifted audio
fix: [OSX] Mixer bank disabled track graphic bug
fix: [OSX] Redraw bug when zooming selected track
fix: [OSX] Save As dialog has empty file name box
fix: [Windows] Performance issue with RME USB interface at 48 Samples
fix: [Windows] MIDI recording not working with NI USB audio interfaces
fix: [Windows] ASIO lock with Steinberg USB driver





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