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Every PC unit is designed to make your daily tasks more manageable and convenient. If not managed or maintained properly, performance can drop drastically and this results to long start-ups, overall sluggishness, freezing or even a system crash. Speedy PC is designed to eliminate all these threats that may cause errors in your PC’s performance.


Scan your computer with SpeedyPC to stop error messages

The Windows Database, due to its size and complexity, can sometimes go wrong. With regular use, the Windows Database can begin to grow corrupted due to extra entries, old and useless information and disrupted communication. SpeedyPC rapidly cleans problems in the database, repairing common problem areas such as DLL files, fonts, start up, file associations, uninstalls, and more.

Check your system with SpeedyPC's Tuner (Startup Tuner) to improve startup speed

Remember when you used to be able to start Windows in just a couple of minutes? You can get back to that by using SpeedyPC's Tuner (Startup Tuner) to decide which programs load and run when you start your computer. There may be dozens of programs that are waiting at start up, unseen but working in the background. Together, they cause significant slowdown of startup and performance. Many of these may be unnecessary, unwanted, or even harmful. SpeedyPC gives you the power to control your system resources to get back to lightning-fast start times.

Destroy toolbar clutter with SpeedyPC's Tuner (Startup Tuner)

An untidy Windows taskbar full of unused icons makes for a frustrating and confusing PC experience. With SpeedyPC's Tuner (Startup Tuner), you can easily scrub your system of these pointless space wasters. The average computer user has a huge collection of taskbar icons. Most of them aren't very helpful and make it hard to find the ones you really need. SpeedyPC allows you to disable taskbar icons that launch on start up, so you can regain valuable computer real estate.

Eliminate Desktop Clutter with SpeedyPC

Most PC users have a large, scattered array of desktop items, many of which are old, broken, or unused. They make it difficult to find the desktop items you need, as well as making your digital workspace look cluttered and untidy. SpeedyPC's fast scan easily detects broken shortcuts and allows you to promptly remove them. With just a few clicks, your desktop will be instantly cleaned, as clean and easy to use as the day you got it!

Clean up after removing spyware infections with SpeedyPC

Often, anti-virus programs will remove the dangerous parts of an infection, but leave behind other items that clutter up the Windows Database. SpeedyPC scans and removes these virus leftovers, and flushes them from your computer. As a result, your system is more streamlined, with faster performance and improved reliability.

Scan Easily and Automatically with SpeedyPC

SpeedyPC comes equipped with an advanced scheduling assistant, so that you can set the program to run automatically at a specific time, every week. With this kind of hands-free operation, SpeedyPC can regularly patrol your computer to ensure peak performance and error free operation.

Stay safe – back up your system with SpeedyPC

Don't worry if there's a glitch in your Windows Database - simply restore the backup from yesterday! SpeedyPC creates comprehensive backups of your Windows Database, and you can easily restore the backups if anything goes wrong. SpeedyPC can also create a backup of your entire system every time you scan. Much like the registry backup, it allows you restore your computer to a previous state. With two backup methods, SpeedyPC shields your PC from accidents and errors.

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