SugarFx Magimoto v1.5.1 for Final Cut Pro X MacOSX

SugarFx Magimoto v1.5.1 for Final Cut Pro X MacOSX | 29 mb


If you are a Final Cut Pro editor you may agree with us that moving your elements on screen should not be a cumbersome and boring task. You may want to scale your elements, give them a spin, or even throw them accross the screen, and then, grab some attention with a wiggle behavior. And what about a slide show using still images or movies from a folder? Is that too much to ask ? Doing THAT should be a painless process! ...but apparently it is NOT!




Many editors avoid these tasks just because they need to do lots of keyframing and adjusting parameters in different tabs and so forth, and in some instances you have to jump to a helper application to do what you could be doing right in your editing timeline.

Enter MagiMoto
SUGARfx MagiMoto brings these tools to your editing timeline with the ease-of-use that you would expect, especially for those moments when you want to have all the control to perform such tasks like throwing (moving) your element across the screen, spinning, scaling, or apply a subtle wiggle behavior in selected directions. MagiMoto is the perfect tool for the job!

Unleash your creative beast...
You have the option to do just one task or make a combination of moves and spins to create unique animations and slide shows of your own, simple, effective and in real time.
MagiMoto provides a wide range of possibilities besides moving or spinning your video elements anywhere in the screen.
Make your own transitions that have your creative signature, or create unique and interesting slide shows (check our tutorials for step-by-step process and ideas), all of that is possible thanks to the powerful elegance and ease of use of a state of the art animation tool.
Save your setups as presets and share them with your peers. You'll see that the benefits are rewarding and the possibilities are endless.

If control is what you want, control is what you get.
When using MagiMoto, the control to manipulate your video element is all yours, and the simplicity to do that is right at your fingertips with easy to use on-screen information that provides a visual feedback of how your elements synchronize, so you can spend more time being creative rather than tweaking boring keyframes or jumping back and forth to other applications to achieve similar results.
MagiMoto simply does what it is supposed to do... real well.


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