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FotoMagico lets you create professional slideshows from your photos and music with just a few, simple mouse clicks. It sports a very clean and intuitive yet powerful user interface. High image quality, fast performance, and user flexibility were some of the design goals for this application.FotoMagico is available in $29 Home and $149 Pro versions. For a comparison between the two, click here.


Create the most spectacular slideshows:

• Scale, move, rotate, zoom or pan around your images to highlight that part that matters the most.

• Your slides fit together perfectly with the new, gorgeous transitions.

• Provide more meaning with subtle titles here and there.

Perform a breathtaking show:

• Your slideshow uses the best possible resolution of your presentation device.

• Use large displays, HDTV screens and other high resolution devices.

• Even on a VGA projector, your photos will look better with FotoMagico.

Your audience will want to take it home:

• Burn DVDs of your slideshow with iDVD or Roxio Toast.

• Put your slideshow on the new iPod.

• Export in almost any QuickTime format.

Your audience will never fall asleep again.

Key features of "Boinx FotoMagico":

• Create fantastic effects by scaling, moving and rotating the picture to show that part of your photo that really matters.

• Use the Pan & Zoom feature to create a stunning animation to get even more out of your photos.

• Use your music to create the proper atmosphere matching the picture content.

• Emphasize your message with the new, powerful titles feature.

• With the "Randomize Pan & Zoom" feature, your slideshow is ready with just a few clicks.

• And if you want to share your slideshow with your audience, burn your slideshow to a DVD or export it as a QuickTime movie.

Version 4.4:

• FotoMagico 4.4 is now 64-bit compatible on OS X Mountain Lion and newer.

• FotoMagico now uses AVFoundation instead of QuickTime for movie playback when running on OS X Mountain Lion and newer. This helps to make movie playback much smoother and reduces stuttering.

• FotoMagico is compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

• Sharing slideshows has been completely rewritten using AVFoundation. Sharing is now faster and more reliable.

• Pressing the C key while scrubbing in the Timeline cuts a slide at the playhead. This is especially useful to cut long video clips into shorter segments. The parts that are not needed can then be selected and deleted.

• If an audio file is too short a shaded red area at the end of an audio item now warns you.

• Looped audio now has dashed divider lines whenever a new loop starts.

• Since AVFoundation doesn't offer all the codecs that QuickTime had, some export options had to be removed.

• For the same reason some legacy movie files need to be converted to more modern formats. FotoMagico will offer to do this conversion automatically, but you can also do this manually in an external application.

• The option to encrypt image files in a standalone player has been moved from the Debug Preferences to the Sharing Assistant.

• Opening slideshows that contain audio or movies is now more reliable and a little bit faster than before.

• Opening slideshows with multiple problems (e.g. missing media files, incompatible movies, timing problems) will now present multiple conecutive alerts that explain the problem (and optionally offer to fix the problem). In the past only one such alert would be displayed and the others were ignored.

• When opening an old slideshow document and then quitting without making any changes, you are no longer prompted to resave the slideshow.

• When opening a slideshow document and then closing it without making any changes, you are no longer prompted to resave the slideshow.

• FotoMagico no longer displays a slow hard disk warning when reopening an untitled document with auto-save enabled.

• Fixed a potential crash when opening slideshows that contain movies.

• Movies are now correctly displayed in the Stage when changing the zoom value.

• The 'Match slide durations to audio' command has been rewritten to be much more versatile.

• Fix an inconsistent state when reducing the length of audio via the automatic assistant.

• The out point of a movie is now correctly displayed in the Stage during authoring.

• Pasting Geometry onto multiple slides now works again.

• A bug where titles that have been changed were sometimes not properly saved has been fixed.

• When tweaking the position of a mask via arrow keys, the layer image is no longer randomly moved around when close to guidelines.

• When replacing the image of an existing layer, the new zoom and rotation values are now set more reliably.

• Waveforms and audio markers for looped audio are now displayed correctly.

• Quicklook in the media browser now work again.

• Albums and smart albums inside an Aperture project are now correctly displayed in the media browsers.

• Preparing the teleprompter for the Demo slideshow now works again.

• Scrolling in the Storyboard or Timeline on OS X 10.9 Mavericks now behaves correctly again.

• Some transition used to display with reduced resolution. This has been fixed.

• Antialiasing of image and movie edges is now a bit smoother. Edges of titles are no longer antialiased (since it's not necessary anyway).

• Transitions now work correctly on Macs with two graphics cards.

• A visual glitch when moving a document window from one screen to another (on dual screen Macs) has been fixed.

• AppNap is now prevented on OS X 10.9 Mavericks while exporting or playing a slideshow.

• Exported slideshows now display the correct colors, i.e. they look the same in QuickTime Player as they did in FotoMagico.

• A bug that caused export of slideshows with complex audio arrangements to fail has been fixed.

• Added new links to Boinx Connect in the Help menu.

• Various small fixes.


• Intel, Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later.



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