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CSS3 Live Design Tool for Mac OSX


Edit CSS3 in RealTime With Powerfull WebInspectors. Make Your Website Expressive.


CSS3 Live Design.
With Xpressive, you can rapidly and easily create web content. Xpressive has many intuitive editing features for HTML5 and CSS3. Edit, tweak, and save coding changes directly while you preview your web content. Your ideas will become reality as soon as you think of them.

In the past, it was necessary to repeatedly stop coding in order to preview changes. It was a cycle of endless rebuilding. But now there is a new process – “live” design.
Enter the new process of "live" deisgn with Xpressive.

In order to debug HTML and CSS, it was necessary to use the preview in your browser or coding tool. It was necessary to reload pages and rewrite code many times. If your coding skill was not high, this process could be very stressful and take a lot of time.

Xpressive’s visual editing capabilities create an instant feedback loop. This feedback loop connects the user and the code directly. As a result, you can achieve your results much more quickly. Designers and front-end engineers can have less stress and can do more productive things with their time.

Style Inspector
Use your mouse to see style details for any element in the preview just like Web Inspector in Safari and Chrome. Make style changes directly in Style Inspector, and update the style sheet without damaging any code. As well, with the Direct Insert function, you can directly edit, insert and eliminate elements in Style, Media Query, and Keyframe. With Direct Insert, it is not necessary to open the code. Changes will be inserted into the code directly.

Keyframes Timeline
If you have an animation, you can easily edit it on a CSS3 timeline. You can compare several different Keyframes on the timeline. Of course, after you edit code, Xpressive will output the code according to the on/off vendor prefixes. If you have a complex animation, you can still manage it easily with the Keyframes Timeline and the Style Inspector.

Responsive Monitoring
Xpressive has tools to help you see how your web contents will display on a variety of different devices. There is a responsive slide ruler as a well as a shortcut (command+0-1) to control size. With these tools, you can modify screen size. It is not necessary to resize your browser window. Easily monitor how your material will display by rotating through different displays.

DOM Inspector
The DOM Inspector shows you how a browser will read your HTML. You can click on the preview, and the DOM Inspector will immediately find the element you need. The DOM Inspector works with even the most complicated code. When you select an element, this tool will not lose it. It doesn’t matter how complicated the code becomes. Use the Drag & Drop to add elements from the Snippet and Element List. This way you can design a truly dynamic DOM Document.

Create 2D/3D Graphics
Visual feedback saves you time, but it has other beneficial effects. For example, until now, only simpler CSS graphics could be created in this way. Now, much more complicated graphics can be created.

Webkit Playground
Xpressive has a powerful Preview function which utilizes the Safari rendering engine and the reliability of Webkit . Rendering in Xpressive's Preview will give the same result as rendering in Safari.

What's New in Version 1.0.9

Some bugs fixed.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor







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