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FontAgent Pro v6.010 Mac OS X | 124 MB

The V6 release of FontAgent Pro continues its leadership role in testing, managing and viewing your font collection. No font manager does more to improve your creativity and productivity. And now, FontAgent Pro 6 adds a new Workflow Center, support for the latest Apple and Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite technologies, 1350+ fonts, faster search and integrity engines, and a bundled copy of new Smasher 3 to keep your creative workflow and Mac running smoothly.


As always, FontAgent Pro gives you the proven power you need to preview and manage even the largest of print and web font collections. Verify the integrity of your fonts and organize them the way you want. Find fonts by appearance, name, tag, classification, category or property. View and compare your fonts in more ways than ever before. Activate fonts or sets with a click or use Adobe and Quark plug-ins to auto-verify and activate the right fonts as you open documents.

New Workflow Center
The all-new Workflow Center taps into FontAgent Pro’s extensive scripting capabilities to automate commonly used font management, application and system commands that streamline your creative workflow. The Workflow Center includes many one-click scripts that enable you to:

  • Add searchable comments to multiple fonts or entire font families
  • Organize your fonts by name or foundry
  • Count and list currently open fonts
  • Remove duplicate fonts
  • Find and download fonts
  • Review logs of font activations and deactivations
  • Verify the integrity of all your fonts
  • … and a lot more

And the new Workflow Center grows with you. Add your own scripts and commands at any time, and get new capabilities and scripts as they become available in upcoming product updates.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite Support
This latest release of FontAgent Pro includes auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud applications including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and InCopy, and continues support for Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress.

Bundled Smasher Mac Maintenance Software
FontAgent Pro 6 includes the newly released Smasher 3, the world's only automatic, set-and-forget maintenance program for Macintosh creative applications. The new Smasher clears caches for the latest Apple and Adobe software on a scheduled or manual basis, and lets you look deep inside your font collection.

Twice as Many Bundled Fonts
FontAgent Pro now includes more than 1350+ free print and web fonts that have has been tested and verified to eliminate corrupt and low-quality fonts that can cause system errors and snags in project workflow.

Improved Font Verification and Search Engines
The new release of FontAgent Pro includes a speedier, expanded ESP keyword-search engine for finding local and Internet fonts simultaneously, as well as an improved, faster font verification and validation engine.

Connectivity to FontAgent Pro Servers
Do you connect to a FontAgent Pro Server? The new release can connect to all the latest servers including FontAgent Pro Server, TeamServer and CloudServer.

Eliminate Font and System Problems

  • Optimize and organize your fonts
  • Diagnose, repair and quarantine problem fonts
  • Improve system performance and stability
  • Stop font menu clutter
  • Prevent display and output problems
  • Stop mysterious font substitutions

Preview, Search, Manage, Activate and Print Your Fonts

  • Preview fonts in Player, Compare, Glyph, Waterfall and Data views
  • Organize fonts by client and project using nested sets
  • Find fonts by name, family, tag, classification, format, version, foundry, and category—or for finer detail, find fonts by slant, proportion and weight
  • Save search results as auto-updating smart sets
  • Create font specimens and sample books
  • Activate and deactivate fonts automatically or manually
  • Auto-activate precisely the right font every time
  • Customize toolbars and UI panes
  • Automate tasks and workflow with AppleScripts

New in FontAgent Pro 6

  • Workflow Center where automation scripts can be organized and launched easily
  • Automatic Workflow Center updates as new functionality becomes available
  • Adobe Creative Cloud auto-activation plug-ins for InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and InCopy
  • Bundled, new Smasher 3 software that provides automatic font, print and application cache maintenance
  • 1350+ downloadable, verified, print and web fonts
  • Faster, expanded keyword-search engine for finding local and Internet fonts simultaneously
  • Improved, faster font verification and validation engine
  • An updated and expanded user interface
  • Support for connecting to FontAgent Pro Server 5, TeamServer 5 and CloudServer (server license required)




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