BDM’s Photography User Guides – July 19, 2018
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If up until now you have enjoyed photography but it has been limited to taking snaps and shooting sel es on your cameraphone, you could be missing out on a whole world of creative possibilities. Taking the next step to becoming a better photographer and moving up into the world of digital SLRs and interchangeable lens camera systems can seem daunting. You might feel that there’s so much to learn and too many techniques to be mastered. Don’t worry, within these pages are many useful tips and guides to get you started; and hopefully we can show you that good photography is easier to achieve than you thought possible.

Starting out
Digital cameras are so varied in their design and capabilities, choosing one
might seem like an uphill struggle. Add to that the huge range of lenses
available and you would be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed. We can
help you make some better informed decisions regarding your equipment
choices by outlining some of the main types of camera, lenses and
accessories available.

Learning the ropes
Learning doesn’t have to be a chore. The technical aspects of photography
might be new to you, but that doesn’t mean they have to be di cult to master. This guide is designed to help you understand the main aspects of photography to let you  ourish and become more con dent and creative. All the main areas are covered including exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Shoot like a pro
When you have a good grounding in the basics of photography, it suddenly
opens up a vast world of photographic possibilities. To be honest, only your
imagination is holding you back. You don’t need the latest, most expensive
cameras and lenses, just a good eye and a good idea. We have a whole section
dedicated to some projects that can get you out shooting new things and trying new ideas.


BDM’s Photography User Guides – July 19, 2018


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