Adore Noir - June 2018
Adore Noir - June 2018
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​ISSUE 44 • June • 2018

The Children of Mars by William Mokrynski is a series that stares back at you. The empty circle where a face should be is blank, white, and open to interpretation. Who were these children? At one point in time they sat for a portrait, maybe they smiled, and maybe they didn’t but the negatives Mokrynski works with proves one thing, they were here. The resulting images are a reminder of how mortality is ever present; and how art can blend the past and the present into the new now.

My essay To Share or Not to Share explores the idea of artistic collaborations. It is a discussion that weaves in how artistic collaboration can elevate a cause, a purpose and an artist’s work to a new reach that wouldn’t have existed had not two or more come to work together.

Chuck Beard, in his series, The Years Have Not Been Kind to Me, showcases clothing that has been long discarded and worn out. Dresses hang, coats dance, and shoes wait for a new set of feet, as Beard’s photos resurrect a keen interest in the forgotten.

Max Juhasz, in his series Nighthawk, takes us on a journey of slick night streets. Swimming pools light up, casino’s shine and the road is open for those that fall into, as we all sometimes do, the shadow self.


Adore Noir - June 2018


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