Tutorials Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing


Tutorials Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing


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In Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing, Chris Orwig demonstrates how to take photographs to the next creative level by combining images in Photoshop. This course covers multiple compositing scenarios, including portraits and architecture photos, from selecting the images, to blending photos with layer masks and blend modes, and resizing and sharpening the results. Chris also covers tips and tricks design to inspire and increase the drama and interest of photographs. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:
Extending the canvas
Combining multiple frames
Cleaning up the background
Modifying color and tone
Masking images together
Removing a model from a background
Blending graphics with photos
Illuminating eyes
Adding texture and film grain

Menu :
Welcome 00:52
Using the exercise files 01:38
20:12 1. Layer Creativity
Combining layers with blending modes 01:36
Using blending modes and color adjustment layers 02:21
Layer blending and shortcuts 04:03
Creative project: Wisdom begins in wonder 06:23
Creating a flamenco dancer advertisement 05:49
17:39 2. Combining Multiple Images
Snapshot project: Using Auto-Align and Auto-Blend 03:27
Flag project: Combining depths of field 03:46
Nature project: Combining foreground and sky 04:47
Nature project: Adding clouds and creative color 05:39
15:28 3. Image Combination: Athlete
Combining multiple frames 05:21
Cleaning up the details 05:05
Modifying color and tone 05:02
11:48 4. Image Combination: Architecture
Combining interior and exterior architecture 06:57
Increasing drama and visual interest 04:51
25:27 5. Making a Realistic Composite
Composite project overview 04:12
Masking multiple images together 03:28
Extending the canvas and adding elements 02:58
Enhancing the main elements 01:47
Cleaning up the background 04:27
Award-winning composite inspiration 04:30
Photoshop composite inspiration: Web sites 04:05
01:04:23 6. Compositing a Person into a New Environment
Project 1: Removing a model from a background 09:27
Project 1: Combining multiple photographs 03:23
Project 1: Working with shadows 08:15
Project 1: Adding light and color 05:18
Project 1: Working with curves and masking 03:45
Project 1: Final color and tone adjustments 06:56
Project 2: Combining multiple photographs 07:51
Project 2: Adding shadows 07:21
Project 2: Organizing layers and adding blur 05:48
Project 2: Adding film grain 06:19
22:58 7. Creative Composite Portraiture
Illuminating the eyes 04:16
Blending graphics with photos 04:25
Making final color modifications 06:19
Creative portrait blending 07:58
25:54 8. Vintage Portrait
Working with color and tone 03:46
Adding texture 04:04
Adding film grain 02:44
Modifying texture 04:32
Darkening edges 03:34
Applying a creative color effect 07:14
14:39 9. Blending a Photo onto a Vintage TV Set
Creating a selection of the TV glass 04:14
Masking the images into the selection 05:16
Modifying the color and tone 05:09
27:42 10. Creating an Antique Book
Extracting elements from their backgrounds 06:49
Removing the words from the book 04:31
Masking and image blending 04:35
Creating composite options 04:56
Enhancing the color 06:51
11:39 11. Creative Layer Composite
Setting the stage with color and tone 04:30
Working with textures and blending 07:09
20:31 12. Cloud Dream Project
Project overview 04:54
Using masking and blending modes for emphasis 05:08
Adding and modifying typography 04:55
Making final color and tone adjustments 05:34
00:24 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:24


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Tutorials Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing
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Tutorials Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing

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