Exploring MoGraph with CINEMA 4D R19
Exploring MoGraph with CINEMA 4D R19 by Pradeep Mamgain
English | 12 Jul. 2018 | ASIN: B07FKJ7ZST | 232 Pages | EPUB | 16.57 MB
The Exploring MoGraph with CINEMA 4D R19 textbook walks you through every step of creating MoGraph animations with CINEMA 4D R19. This guide is perfect for both novices as well as for the intermediate users of CINEMA 4D. This book will help you to get started with the MoGraph module of CINEMA 4D, you will learn important concepts and techniques about MoGraph which you can utilize to create your motion graphics designs. Appendix MGA walks you through the process of creating XPresso driven light rigs that you can use to efficiently illuminate the scenes.

This book shares tips, tricks, notes, and cautions throughout, that will help you become a better CINEMA 4D artist and you will be able to speed up your workflow. This book is aimed to be a solid teaching resource for learning the MoGraph toolset. It avoids any jargon and explains concepts and techniques in an easy-to-understand manner.

The first page of the every unit summarizes the topics that will be covered in the unit. Every unit of this textbook contains hands-on exercises which instruct users how things can be done in CINEMA 4D step-by-step.

Practicing is one of the best ways to improve skills. Unit MGP contains some practice activities which you are highly encouraged to complete and gain confidence for the real-world projects. By completing these activities, you will be able to master the powerful capabilities of CINEMA 4D.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to create MoGraph animations for your motion graphics design projects. The rich companion website PADEXI Academy (www.padexi.academy) contains additional CINEMA 4D resources that will help you quickly master CINEMA 4D.

What are the key features of the book?

* Learn CINEMA 4D’s MoGraph module
* Detailed coverage of effectors.
* Contains 22 hands-on exercises.
* Contains 8 practice activities to test the knowledge gained.
* Additional guidance is provided in form of tips, notes, and cautions.
* Important terms are in bold face so that you never miss them.
* The content under “What just happened?” heading explains the working of the instructions.
* The content under “What next?” heading tells you about the procedure you will follow after completing a step(s).
* Includes an ePub file that contains the color images of the screenshots/illustrations used in the textbook. These color images will help you in the learning process. This ePub file is included with the resources.
* Tech support from the author.
* Access to each exercise’s initial and final states along with the resources used in the hands-on exercises.
* Quiz to assess the knowledge.
* Bonus hands-on exercises.

How this book is structured?
This book is divided into following units:

Unit MG1: Introduction to MoGraph, introduces you to the Cloner object, MoGraph selection tools, and MoGraph Weight tool. You will also learn about the Clone tools.

Unit MG2: Effectors, walks you through the effectors available in the MoGraph module. Effectors allow you to change position, size, angle, and other properties of clones, objects, object points, and object polygons.

Unit MG3: Other Mograph Objects, introduces you to the following objects: MoInstance object, Matrix object, Fracture object, Voronoi Fracture object, MoText object, Tracer object, MoSpline object, MoExtrude object, and PolyFX object.

Unit MGBH: Bonus Hands-on Exercises, contains bonus hands-on exercises.

Unit MGP: Practice Activities, contains practice activities to assess the knowledge gained.

Appendix MGA1: Light Rigs, explains the process of creating XPresso driven light rigs. You can use these rigs to illuminate the CINEMA 4D scenes with ease.

Appendix MGA2: Quiz Answers, contains quiz answers.

For more info, visit PADEXI ACADEMY's website.


Exploring MoGraph with CINEMA 4D R19


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