IOS 7 Programming Cookbook
IOS 7 Programming Cookbook
O’R-ly Media (October 2013) | ISBN: 1449372422 | PDF + EPUB | 1056 pages | 68.0 MB

Overcome the vexing issues you’re likely to face when creating apps for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With new and thoroughly revised recipes in this updated cookbook, you’ll quickly learn the steps necessary to work with the iOS 7 SDK, including solutions for bringing real-world physics and movement to your apps with UIKit Dynamics APIs.


You’ll learn hundreds of techniques for storing and protecting data, sending and receiving notifications, enhancing and animating graphics, managing files and folders, and many other options. Each recipe includes sample code you can use right away.

Create vibrant and lifelike user interfaces with UIKit Dynamics
Use the Keychain to protect your app’s data
Develop location-aware and multitasking-aware apps
Work with iOS 7’s audio and video APIs
Use Event Kit UI to manage calendars, dates, and events
Take advantage of the accelerometer and the gyroscope
Integrate iCloud into your apps
Define the layout of UI elements with Auto Layout
Get working examples for implementing gesture recognizers
Retrieve and manipulate contacts and groups from the Address Book
Determine a camera’s availability and access the Photo Library

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Implementing Controllers and Views
Chapter 2. Creating Dynamic and Interactive User Interfaces
Chapter 3. Auto Layout and the Visual Format Language
Chapter 4. Constructing and Using Table Views
Chapter 5. Building Complex Layouts with Collection Views
Chapter 6. Storyboards
Chapter 7. Concurrency
Chapter 8. Security
Chapter 9. Core Location and Maps
Chapter 10. Implementing Gesture Recognizers
Chapter 11. Networking, JSON, XML, and Sharing
Chapter 12. Audio and Video
Chapter 13. Address Book
Chapter 14. Files and Folder Management
Chapter 15. Camera and the Photo Library
Chapter 16. Multitasking
Chapter 17. Notifications
Chapter 18. Core Data
Chapter 19. Dates, Calendars, and Events
Chapter 20. Graphics and Animations
Chapter 21. Core Motion
Chapter 22. iCloud
Chapter 23. Pass Kit




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