10 DIY Collection - So, You\'re Renovating
So, You're Renovating Collection about DIY REUPLOADED!
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  • So You’re Renovating! The #1 reference site on Home Improvement and interior design. Each So You're Renovating! DVD allows the home handyman to carry out the majority of DIY renovation work. The many tricks, techniques and products that are introduced ensure you carry out renovation work worthy of professionals at a fraction of the cost. Save money by doing it yourself and attain professional results thanks to this series of So You’re Renovating!. In addition, if you wish to hire professionals, the So You're Renovating! DVD will allow you to better evaluate the quality of their work.


10 DIY Collection - So, You\'re Renovating
10 DIY Collection - So, You\'re Renovating
10 DIY Collection - So, You\'re Renovating
10 DIY Collection - So, You\'re Renovating
10 DIY Collection - So, You\'re Renovating

The collection contains:

1. Insulation, Caulking, Ventilation (31 min)
- all the information needed to properly insulate your home
- fiberglas insulation
- extruded polystyrene
- mineral wool
- foam insulation
- exterior wall insulation
- insulation of the attic
- how to prevent air leaks
- installation of vapour barriers
- caulking of doors and windows
- analyzing problems with condensation
- problems due to high humidity
- ventilation
- installation of an air exchanger

2. Interior Decorating (28 min)

- gypsum panel installation
- plastering and plaster repair
- installation of wood mouldings on doors, windows, baseboards and ceilings
- interior painting
- surface preparation
- undercoats
- painting and staining wood
- sponge painting
- rag and stencil painting
- wallpapering
- wallpaper borders

3. Landscaping (54 min)
- construction of a treated wood patio
- concrete foundations
- structures
- finishing
- construction of fences
- assembly of an arbor and flower stands
- applying base coats, painting and tinting exterior wood
- concrete blocks for driveways
- excavation for the foundation
- installing paving stones
- installing borders
- construction of concrete block supporting walls
- construction of concrete block borders
- setting up a water garden

4. The Kitchen (43 min)
- design
- installation of new cabinets
- replacement of kitchen counters
- sink installation
- faucet installation
- vinyl floor covering installation
- painting and decorating

5. Basement Finishing (33 min)
- caulking of air leaks in the basement
- complete insulation of basement walls
- fiberglas insulation
- rigid extruded polystyrene insulation
- application of urethane paint to seal the basement floor
- insulation of the basement floor
- construction of a sub-floor
- construction of partitions
- soundproofing of walls and ceilings
- installation of recessed lighting
- installing gypsum panels
- finishing joints
- installation of suspended ceilings
- installation of a toilet below sewer level
- installing vinyl floor tiles
- installation of fluorescent lights

6. The Bathroom (30 min)
- design
- wall construction
- basic plumbing
- soundproofing of walls and ceilings
- installation of a whirlpool bath
- installation of a shower
- installation of a toilet
- installation of sinks and faucets
- installation of counters and cabinets
- installation of fibrous cement panels
- installation of ceramic tiles
- installation of vinyl floor covering
- applying primer sealer and finishing paint

7. Doors and Windows (44 min)
- how to select quality doors and windows
- doors and windows
- taking proper measurements
- detailed installation instructions
- insulation
- casement windows
- sliding windows
- greenhouse windows
- steel doors
- stained glass windows
- windows in doors
- skylights
- doorknobs, locks and other door fixtures

8. Roofing (52 min)
- measures to take for personal safety
- removal of old shingles
- repair of the roof deck
- ventilation of the attic
- installation of a skylight
- installation of self-adhesive protective membranes
- installation of tar paper
- the first row of asphalt shingles
- installation of shingles
- installation of valleys and ridges
- installation of soffits below the cornice
- complete installation of rain gutters
- installation of down spouts

9. Flooring (52 min)
- construction of a plywood sub-floor
- installation of a self-adhesive floor sealing membrane
- pre-varnished hardwood flooring
- wood parquet flooring
- laminated flooring
- ceramic flooring
- natural slate flooring
- how to seal a basement floor

10. Building an Addition (53 min)
- planning
- taking proper measurements
- excavation
- foundations
- waterproofing foundations
- insulating foundations
- pouring the basement slab
- construction of the floor
- framing of the walls
- the roof
- insulation
- soundproofing of walls and floors









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