Effortless English Video

Effortless English Video
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Now is the Time for You to Learn English Speaking Confidently. If You Study These Powerful English Lessons Your English Conversations Will Improve!

Explore this Site and Discover How Tens of Thousands of People Like You Have Learned To Speak English With Power and Confidence!
Do you feel embarrassed, nervous or shy when you try to speak or understand English? It is NOT Your Fault! Most classes and teachers are using old methods, old lessons, and old textbooks that caused your problem. With this refreshing and new method you will finally see breakthrough in speaking excellent English! You will feel more relaxed, happy, and confident when you speak English.


Why Choose This Program?
Imagine the best new ideas and research from experts all over the world used in a totally new kind of English lesson. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Well, that is exactly what I did. Effortless English uses methods that work! Learn English Speaking using the newest ideas from top English learning experts all over the world.
The Effortless English system is totally new and different. The old study methods you used in the past are useless compared to this program.You have never used English lessons like these!

Lesson Sets Feature:
Vocabulary Lessons
Did you know that you must learn vocabulary with your ears so you can use it quickly while speaking? Audio (listening) vocabulary lessons are more powerful than reading lessons. With Effortless English Lessons, you learn with your ears.

Listen & Answer Mini Stories
What if you had a new kind of lesson that, when used daily, makes you understand and speak English faster? When you use the Mini-Story lessons every day, you improve your speaking and listening speed.

Point of View Story Lessons
Here it is, the secret to spoken English grammar. What if you could learn English grammar exactly like an American child- naturally? Absolutely no more boring grammar rules.

Audio Articles
Imagine if English lessons could be fun, easy, interesting, strange, intelligent, and funny- would you love learning English more? Think deeply, laugh loudly, smile a big smile, jump with happiness, learn valuable information… with audio articles made by an intelligent adult- for intelligent adults.

All lessons feature:
* Downloadable lessons. Which means there’s no waiting for the mail to come. No software to load. You get over 35 hours of digital audio in mp3 form that you can download in an instant and get started today.
* Portable lessons. You can easily put all your lessons on your iPod, mp3 player and phone and take them wherever you go. To the gym … in the car … on your morning run … anywhere. Start today.

Bonus Action Vocabulary Videos:
In addition to the main lesson sets, today you also get 5 bonus videos using a completely new and different way to learn vocabulary….
5 Action Vocabulary Videos. It’s the fun and easy way to learn new vocabulary … and to remember what you learn. Watch the first video today.

Bonus English Text Learning Guide:
Effortless English is a listening method. However, sometimes it helps to have text- so you can always check your understanding. That’s why when you get the lessons today, all audios come with text….
Effortless English – the e-Book. Every minute of every audio in text form. If there’s something you didn’t quite understand in the audio, you can see it in text.

Power English included:
* pwr01.Welcome Guide.
* pwr02.Action Vocab Video 1 (quicktime file).
* pwr03.Action Vocabulary Video 2a.
* pwr04.Action Vocab Video 2b.
* pwr05.Action Vocab Video 3a.
* pwr06.Action Vocab Video 3b.
* pwr07.Action Vocab Video 4a.
* pwr08.Action Vocab Video 4b.
* pwr09.Action Vocab Video 5.
* pwr11.Intro Lesson Set.
* pwr12.Emotional Mastery.
* pwr13.Emotional Mastery 2.
* pwr14.Beliefs.
* pwr15.Thought Mastery.
* pwr16.Models.
* pwr17.Repetition.
* pwr18.Identity.
* pwr19.Kaizen.
* pwr20.Reading Power.
* pwr21.Unlimited.
* pwr22.Healthy 100.
* pwr23.Walden.
* pwr24.Superior Man.
* pwr25.Taoism.
* pwr26.BigPicture.
* pwr27.SmallIsBeautiful.
* pwr28.Slow_Burn.
* pwr29.Leaders_Make_Mistakes.
* pwr30.Attractor_Factor.
* pwr31.Healthy_Heart.
* pwr32.Art_of_Power.
* pwr33.Excitement.
* pwr34.Adventure.
* pwr35.Plateaus.
* pwr36.Search_for_Meaning.
* pwr37.Be_a_Champion.
* pwr38.No_Failure.
* pwr39.Break_Rules.
* pwr40.Tribes.
* pwr41.(Bonus)Kristin_Real.
* pwr42.(Bonus)Todd_Real.
* pwr43.(Bonus)Live_MS.
* pwr44.(Bonus)SFUnionSquare.
* pwr45.Power_Webinar.

Homepage: http://effortlessenglishclub.com/

Effortless English Video

Effortless English Video


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