[center][img]https://www.gfxtra31.com/uploads/posts_images/1/2/127885/4100345.jpeg[/img]  [b]Flowmotion Featuring Joseph Wilson[/b] English | 70 Mins | 320x240 | MPE

Flowmotion Featuring Joseph Wilson
English | 70 Mins | 320x240 | MPEG4 | 25fps 957kbps | MP3 128kbps | 635MB
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If you have been really diligent in keeping up with everything happening in the joint mobility/flexibility field most of this will be pretty familiar to you. There are elements of Body Flow, Warrior Wellness, Z Health, Maxwell's stuff, even some static stuff like Relax into Stretch. There are even some fast arm things I only remember from Rickson's Choke. In other words, all very, very good stuff.


For someone just getting into all this stuff I can't imagine anything much better.

OR . . . if you've seen everything and are always trying to figure out how to combine all this stuff into something you'll actually do, I can't imagine you would ever need more then this as an adjunct to your training.

I think the thing people will like about this is that he teaches you a straightforward 10 minute warmup routine that will prime your joints and muscles for any workout. By using this cutting-edge, biomechanical approach, you will learn how to prepare your brain and body to get the most out of any training system. Think of this as your “pre” warmup routine. In less than 10 minutes.

The DVD starts with Wilson going through a full routine in about 15m. Then there's about an hour of him breaking down each movement, then a full speed demo at the end. The chapters are:
 —  Follow Along
 —  Step-by-Step —  Neck & Shoulder
 —  Step-by-Step, Part 2 — Chest & Beyond
 —  Ground Mobility, Part 1 — Rolls & Tables
 —  Ground Mobility, Part 2 — Enhancing Movement
 —  Static Stretching
 —  Demonstration

The routine is short enough — and valuable enough  — that a dedicated MA person could actually do it everyday. Everybody should do it everyday!

FEATURING:  Joseph Wilson, Ph.D. This guy is a champion in numerous martial arts styles, a 5th degree black belt, holding black belts in 10 styles of martial arts, including Kenpo, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, and Wing Chun. As well as a member of the World Sokeship Council Hall of Fame. He is the real deal, as is also readily apparent on Sonnon's Hardwork DVD. There's no doubt his mobility is excellent. He's shown doing some double 45lb CB stuff in the intro which is no joke. He was one of Sonnon's head coaches for a long time.

Production value is basic, him in his dojo, but totally clear in both camera work and audio. Joe has a very calm way about him and is a thoughtful instructor.

It seemed like such a simple thing, and yet in all my years of training I had never come across a dedicated, specific warm up designed to prime the athlete for skills practice and competition. Such a program would move through all of the joints of the body, flooding them with synovial fluid, lubricating them, working out the kinks. Such a program would also prime the nervous system for movement and for grooving new skills. Finally, such a program would do it all with such efficiency that it fit into a martial art class warm up slot without taking time away from the focus of the evening – the skills work. FlowMotion does all of this, and more! This program should become standard practice for every martial art class and seminar.

What is the most common cause of martial arts related injuries? Not dramatic events like knockouts. Rather, lack of proper preparation is the single biggest cause of the vast majority of these injuries according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission report of 70,000 martial arts related injuries treated in the US in 2003.


[center][img]http://www.gfxtra31.com/uploads/posts_images/1/2/127885/4100345.jpeg[/img]  [b]Flowmotion Featuring Joseph Wilson[/b] English | 70 Mins | 320x240 | MPE

[center][img]http://www.gfxtra31.com/uploads/posts_images/1/2/127885/4100345.jpeg[/img]  [b]Flowmotion Featuring Joseph Wilson[/b] English | 70 Mins | 320x240 | MPE


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