Dance Music Production Trance TUTORiAL MERRY XMAS-SYNTHiC4TE
Dance Music Production Trance TUTORiAL MERRY XMAS-SYNTHiC4TE | 1.41GB
Genre: Audio Tutorial | Language: English

Our second tutorial on composing, engineering and producing dance music. This course focuses on writing, engineering and producing a trance track. Starting with a blank sequencer, the 3 hour video course is designed to be used in conjunction with the Dance Music Manual (first or second edition) and walks through the construction and programming of the trance track "Sunset", showing how the theory of the book can be applied into practice.


The recording software was left running throughout the entire construction and production of the track and was later edited down to the most pertinent points filling three hours to fit onto the DVD.

Split into sessions, this tutorial discusses and shows many of the construction and production ethics used by today's professional dance artists to create Trance, discussing topics such as the inital starting point of getting the ideas down, through to how to approach the synth programming, application of effects, processing and finally arrangement to create the complete track.

Tutorial Contents:


An introduction to the DVD

Session 01: Ideas: 16 minutes
We start by looking at how to avoid that initial creative block by getting some ideas and starting points down

Session 02: Drums: 30 minutes.
The drums are often the most important element of a dance record so we spend this session programming a drum loop and examining the principles involved in their construction.

Session 03: The Bass: 15 Minutes.
With the drums written and produced, we look towards creating a bass line for the record.

Session 04: The Lead: 25 minutes
In this session we start to produce a lead for the record, examining the techniques used by many artists to produce them.

Session 05: Chords: 10 Minutes
For this session we look at how to program/synthesize chords for the record.

Session 06: The Piano: 10 Minutes
We now move on and look towards applying a piano melody to the record to help it move along.

Session 07: The Main Lead: 15 Minutes
In this session we synthesize the main lead for the record to give the track its energy

Session 08: The Motifs: 20 Minutes
With the majority of the record down, we turn our attention towards programming of motifs to help the record evolve.

Session 09: The Arrangement Part 1: 40 Minutes
With most of the musical elements composed and programmed, we now move onto arranging the parts.

Session 10: Effects: 10 Minutes
A quick discussion on how to program a sweeping effect

Session 11: Arrangement Part 2: 15 Minutes
With the sweep effects programmed, we move on and look at completing the arrangement.

Session 13: The Pre-Mix: 10 Minutes
In this session we work towards a mixdown by performing some general pre-mix duties.

Tutorial Runtime: 3:57:59











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