Music Tech Magazine Issue 103 October 2011 DVDR TUTORiAL
Music Tech Magazine Issue 103 October 2011 DVDR TUTORiAL
TEAM BSOUNDZ | 12-2011 | 3.8GB

The drum parts of a track are a minefield of potential errors, which will ultimately affect the power and quality of your mixes. Liam O’Mullane offers up tips and tricks for making successful drum tracks each and every time – while not stifling your creativity.


Harness the Power of Additive Synthesis
Additive synthesis hasn’t gained the popularity enjoyed by other forms, but behind its apparent simplicity lies a whole world of innovative sound design. Robert Alan adds it all up.

Studio Icons: BBC LS3/5A
Accurate monitoring is crucial to getting the sounds you actually want. John Pickford explains how the BBC set the standard…

The MTM Interview: Bob Katz
As an engineer, audiophile, developer and educator, Bob Katz’ contribution to the audio world we know today can not be underestimated. MTM finds out more.

Ten Minute Master: Additive Synthesis
Additive synthesis offers an exciting new palette of sounds, but what are the systems on offer and the principles behind it? Mark Cousins investigates.

This Month’s Workshops
25 Tips For… Cubase 6
Now more comprehensive than ever, Cubase 6 has a raft of new features and functions that even long-time users might struggle to find. Tim Hallas shows you around.

Building Custom Guitar Rigs in Guitar Rig 4
Guitar Rig 4 comes with a good variety of presets, but it’s not until you get under the hood that you fully realise what’s available. Liam O’Mullane is your guide.

Logic Pro: the Modulation Matrix
The Modulation Matrix forms an essential part of the deeper functions and capabilities of the ES2 and EXS24. Mark Cousins enters the Matrix.

Reason 6: Dr.Octo.Rex
Dr.OctoRex can be used to build the foundations of a track or just to add interest and variation, but either way it’s an invaluable tool. Hollin Jones calls it out.

New kit coming under the expert eyes of Music Tech’s reviewers include NI Komplete 8 Ultimate, Roland Jupiter-80, Mackie Pro16FX, Looptrotter Monster Compressor, Orange OPC, Sugar Bytes Turnado, JZ Mics V12, Avid Sibelius 7, Josephson C42 MP and more…

ON THE DVD - 4GB of Content!
Cinematic Pads
The humble synth pad offers many programming possibilities as multiple oscillators or samples can be layered and each can fade in or evolve over time. It’s no wonder that pads are often used to underscore scenes in films as they can provide the perfect balance of detail and simplicity on which to lay sound effects and dialogue. This month’s lead pack comprises ten deep and menacing pad sounds in 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV format with accompanying Kontakt instrument patches. All of the sounds here have been hand-crafted by our synth experts by layering the internal waveforms of a Roland XV-5050 and at times dropping them way below their intended register to create interesting textures and artefacts.

MIDI Piano Loops
Although hearing a new and exciting instrument sound or loop can often get the creative juices flowing, so too can an interesting melody or chord progression. We’ve got 30 piano and keys MIDI patterns that can be loaded into your DAW and previewed with the instrument patch of your choice. The loops are divided into folders of piano, electric piano, urban piano, Rhodes and Wurlitzer; all feature different styles of playing. Feel free to try them out with a variety of sounds and see what works best for your track – and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Digital Labs Production Seminars
Over the last year, tuition school Digital Labz has been running a series of production seminars presented by some of the UK’s freshest underground talent. They’ve been kind enough to provide 40 minutes of footage covering a wide range of software tricks and mixing techniques from producers Eveson, Inside Info, Wedge and mastering engineer Henry Bainbridge. You can download the full-length videos in super HD for a mere £2.69 from the Digital Labz website, where you’ll also find details of the next event, being held at the Bristol Marriott hotel on Saturday 1 October.

macProVideo Cubase 6
Recent updates to Cubase have turned Steinberg’s DAW into a MIDI machine to be reckoned with. Cubase specialist Matthew Loel T Hepworth covers all bases across 51 chapters in this new tutorial from macProVideo. There are sections on controlling virtual and hardware synths, recording and editing MIDI, quantising grooves and more.

Loopmasters Taster Pack
This month we’ve hand-picked six of the finest recent Loopmasters releases for you to check out. Once again there is a wide variety of royalty-free, cutting-edge samples on offer, finely crafted by some of clubland’s top artists and presented in pristine 24-bit WAV format. First up, to accompany the review there’s live funk guitar, grooving congas and soulful keys from the Reel People Vol.4 pack. You’ll also find upfront D‘n’B breaks from DJ Krust, deep house chords and grooves from Alex Niggemann, plus industrial-strength beats from the Bomb Squad. Finally, there are chopped vocal snippets taken from Minimal Tech Vox 2 and some screaming French and Dutch-style loops from the Electro Basslines pack.





















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