Noah’s Art Camp: 12 Weeks of Intensive Art Study


Noah’s Art Camp: 12 Weeks of Intensive Art Study
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I am doing an intensive 12 week online course for anyone interested in improving their art. We will go through exercises every week that will be focused on improving your fundamental, technical, and conceptual skills. This course is for students determined to improve and established artists looking to return to the fundamentals to polish their skills. If you want to push your work to the next level, this is the way to do it.

The course is structured around self-directed weekly focuses. Every week you will watch a 2 hour demo video explaining the process and thoughts for that assignment. During the week you will work on the assignments and share them with your fellow classmates so that you can critique one another's work.



    Week 1 - Studying from the masters. Learn how to steal their secrets and do focused master studies.
    Week 2 - Sketching from imagination. Too many people lose sight of how to apply the knowledge they learn. That's why we're starting with imaginative painting so early. Education without application is useless.
    Week 3 - Still life. One of the best ways to practice technique and learn to render objects. They have the advantage of never moving and giving you unlimited time to refine and study.
    Week 4 - Self-portraits. Learning to paint a face requires painting a lot of faces. One of the easiest ways to do this is self-portraits, as you never have to worry about finding a willing model.
    Week 5 - Plein air drawing & painting. Getting outside to work is a wonderful way to study both people as well as the natural world. Let's get into the habit of leaving our studios.
    Week 6 - Learning from photos. Photos are easily available but can cause extremely harmful habits if used incorrectly. I'll show you how to learn from photo reference without harming your skills.
    Week 7 - Materials & edges. There are many different types of materials in the world—things like cloth, silk, metal, rock, flesh, etc.—and all of them require slightly different treatments. We'll learn how light affects them differently and how to use edges to convey texture.
    Week 8 - Drawing & painting figures. The human form is one of the most beautiful and challenging subjects that we can paint. This week we'll go over useful exercises, approaches, and resources for drawing & painting figures.
    Week 9 - Concept art & ideation. We'll go over the basics of developing original concepts in our work. Even if you want to pursue another field, the ability to come up with unique concepts and ideas is critical in art.
    Week 10 - Thumbnails & composition. This week we will learn how to create striking, dynamic compositions as we begin to develop a finished portfolio piece to wrap up the course.
    Week 11 - Color & light. Using the portfolio piece we are creating as a base, we will explore the world of color & light and learn how to use them to convey emotion.
    Week 12 - Learning to finish. Many of us struggle with finishing work. We can start a piece, but have no idea how to finish our work. This week I'll go over the techniques and approach I take in finishing my work.









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