Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Object-Creation Brushes

Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Object-Creation Brushes

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Discover how to paint and draw with Adobe Illustrator’s powerful object-creation brushes. In this course, artist and author Sharon Steuer will show you how to use art brushes, pattern brushes, scatter brushes, and brush-like symbols to warp, bend, repeat, stretch, scatter, and distribute objects along a path, and quickly populate scenes with complex groups of objects. You’ll learn how to scale, colorize, and modify your objects; create different versions of brushes; edit the underlying paths; and fix common mistakes. You’ll also see how to prepare artwork to make into brushes, resize brushes, and understand which brush or symbol is appropriate for different drawing situations. Plus, learn to paint with raster objects in dynamic new ways, and auto-generate corners for vector and raster pattern brushes.



See the previous course in the series, Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Natural Media Brushes, for Sharon’s insights on more traditional tools like the Paintbrush and Blob Brush.

Topics include:
  • Creating and experimenting with object-creation brushes
  • Preparing artwork to make into brushes
  • Scaling and distorting brushes by varying line weight and stroke profiles
  • Stretching versus repeating portions of a brush
  • Colorizing complex brushes
  • Fixing problem brushes with vector editing tools
  • Exploring different ways to make and use pattern brushes
  • Customizing pattern brushes and adding auto-corners
  • Modifying scatter brush parameters
  • Adjusting brush definition and tablet pressure parameters
  • Fixing common mistakes
  • Using scatter brushes versus symbols
  • Warping and bending raster art using brushes
  • Combining stroke effects with brushes


    What you need to know
    Using the exercise files

1. Illustrator Object Brushes Overview

    Introducing what can be created with pattern brushes
    Galleries of work created with brushes
    Making and experimenting with brushes
    Scaling and distorting brushes by varying line weight
    Understanding what can and can’t be part of a brush
    Toggling whether a brushstroke creates new art automatically or not
    Exploring colorization options
    Recovering original colors after colorizing
    Accessing libraries for sets of brushes, list view, and arrow options
    Placing embedded rasters in Illustrator
    Tips for using raster images in brushes
    Prepping raster content in Photoshop first
    Rasterizing images in Illustrator
    Fixing and modifying paths using vector editing tools

2. Object-Creation Art Brushes

    Identifying what an object-creating brush is
    Making different kinds of object-creating art brushes
    Changing orientation and direction for a brush
    Painting with object-creating art brushes
    Painting with object-creating raster art brushes
    Making new art by changing which brushes are applied to paths
    Setting the scale of a brushstroke
    Setting scale and width of a stroke to react to pressure from a tablet stylus
    Scaling a brushstroke proportionally
    Stretching a stroke between guides
    Exploring options for problematic stroke overlaps

3. Pattern Brushes

    Understanding pattern brushes and what they can do
    Understanding tile order differences in brush options
    Making a new pattern brush in the Brushes panel
    Overview of the automatic corner options
    Adding a custom corner
    Customizing a pattern brush with start and end points
    Adjusting pattern options to flip image-pattern orientation
    Looking at the different fit options
    Painting art clusters using pattern brushes
    Comparing art brushes to pattern brushes with the same piece of art
    Overview of scale adjustment options using tablet stylus pressure
    How to modify a pattern and keep the previous autocorner
    Simulating corners for patterns that can’t support corners
    Making pattern tiles available from options dialog pop-ups
    Understanding swatch warnings

4. Scatter Brushes

    Introducing scatter brushes
    Using scatter brushes
    Understanding random parameters in a scatter brush
    Adjusting brush definition and using pressure on a tablet
    Understanding the Rotation Relative To parameter
    Incorporating rasters in scatter brushes

5. Symbols as Brush-Like Objects

    Comparing symbols to scatter brushes
    Making and placing symbol instances
    Editing symbols and going into isolation mode
    Creating symbols from a variety of objects, including rasters

6. Expanding Your Toolset

    Using the Variable Width tool to affect brush scaling and distortion
    Adding stroke effects using the Control or Appearance panel
    Replacing a brush for auto-updating
    Experimenting and happy accidents
    Experimenting with artistic projects between Adobe applications


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