TekPub Mastering ASP.NET MVC 2.0

TekPub Mastering ASP.NET MVC 2.0
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Author: Steven Sanderson | 15 episodes/ 602 mins | Released: December 22 2009
Genre: eLearning

In this series Steven Sanderson and Rob Conery take you from introductory level all the way through to advanced, offering real world examples and industrial strength tips and tricks, derived from years of work with the platform.


1 Why You Should Care About ASP.NET MVC 2.0
In this episode Rob Conery takes on the discussion of why you should care about ASP.NET MVC 2.0. Rob discusses business and technical reasons, plus highlights the typical workflow of using ASP.NET MVC 2.0. Note: this is a summary video, all topics will be discussed in depth in later episodes.

2 Controllers, Part 1
In this episode Steven Sanderson walks you through the basics of what a Controller is and how to work with it, including strategies for using Search.

3 Controllers, Part 2
In this episode Steven continues working with Controllers, going deeper to show you how to map HTTP verbs to your controller actions, how to create your own ControllerFactory to implement Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control, and how to scale your application with Asynchronous Controllers.

4 Views: The Basics
In this episode I get to the very, very basics of working with a View. I dive into the machinery that actually causes the rendering to happen in the first place and then work my way back out from there, showing you the nuts and bolts of what makes a View work.

5 Views: Working With Data
In this episode I show you how data is passed from your Controller to your view, and then discuss ways to keep your views DRY with Helper classes and Partials. Well be working a lot more with the Html Helpers (and Partials) in a later episode.

6 Views: ViewEngines
In this episode I show you how to override the default ViewEngine and then throw it away altogether, rolling your own. I also do an overview of Spark, rolling my little demo app over to the popular ViewEngine.

7 Views: HtmlHelpers
In this episode I show you how to work with the HTML Helpers and why you would want to. Specifically I show you how to get around the loss of Stateful Postback that you had with WebForms and also how to work a DropDownList properly. In addition I show you whats new with MVC 2.0

8 Views: Partials and Templates
In this episode i continue working with Partials and also show you an old/new friend: RenderAction, which injects the HTML from a separate Action into a given View. I then transition to a new feature of ASP.NET MVC 2: Templates and show you how they work with ModelMetaData and DataAnnotations.

9 Models and Metadata
In this episode Steven walks you through building out a UI using changes to ModelMetada using DataAnnotations. In addition he shows you how to create your own MetaDataProvider.

10 Model Binding
In this episode Steven walks you through using ASP.NET MVC 2.0s Model Binding feature the automatic way to bind incoming post data to your model objects (and a lot more). Steven also takes a deep dive into custom model binders.

11 Model Validation
In this episode Steven walks through Model Validation using the built in ModelBinders as well as DataAnnotations.

12 Routing
In this episode Steven dives deep into Rooting (aka Routing to those in the US) and ways you can manipulate the URLs to your application using ASP.NETs routing system.

13 Filters
In this episode Steven shows you how to use ActionFilters to enforce authentication, cache output, and do other fun things.

14 Security
In this episode I show you various ways that bad guys can crack your site, including XSS, Social Engineering, Weak Passwords, and CSRF

15 Putting It All Together: Application Foundation
In this episode I wrap up everything weve talked about thus far and show you how to build the foundations of an ASP.NET MVC application. Its an opinionated approach, and you should feel free to customize as needed.

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