HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics
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Gain a deeper understanding of HTML5 and learn how to create richer, more meaningful web pages with structural tags and descriptive attributes. In this course, author James Williamson presents an overview of HTML5 and its development, defines the new tags and attributes, and discusses how browsers parse and display HTML5 content. The course also includes step-by-step instructions for constructing an HTML5 document with a header and footer, navigation, content groups, and formatting.


Topics include:
Building an email list
Collecting email addresses
Offering incentives to increase signups
Deciding on a format for emails
Including links
Sending valuable offers
Creating effective From address and subject lines
Combing email with social media and mobile devices
Managing bounced and blocked email
Evaluating email click-through data
Automating email marketing


Welcome 48s 
Using the exercise files 1m 32s 
1. Introducing HTML5 19m 7s
A brief overview of HTML5 3m 57s 
What's in the HTML5 specification? 8m 17s 
Why do we need new structural elements? 6m 53s 
2. HTML5 Basics 50m 33s
Defining HTML5 documents 5m 5s 
HTML5 syntax 9m 14s 
The header element 5m 22s 
The nav element 4m 55s 
The section element 4m 51s 
The article element 4m 48s 
The aside element 4m 13s 
The footer element 4m 17s 
Content model overview 7m 48s 
3. HTML5 Document Structure 35m 28s
Understanding the outline algorithm 3m 17s 
Creating document sections 8m 25s 
Using headings properly 9m 1s 
Using hgroup to override sectioning 4m 17s 
Properly nesting structure 7m 17s 
Sectioning roots 3m 11s 
4. Coding an HTML5 Site: Initial Page Structure 58m 30s
Organizing content 4m 41s 
Planning document structure 5m 47s 
Choosing the right structural element 4m 43s 
Checking document outlines 5m 27s 
Coding initial page structure 5m 28s 
Using class and ID attributes 5m 31s 
Structuring headers 13m 13s 
Building navigation 7m 1s 
Structuring footers 6m 39s 
5. Coding an HTML5 Site: Grouping Content 1h 27m
Working with figure and figcaption 7m 12s 
Grouping content with asides 3m 46s 
Using divs in HTML5 5m 0s 
Working with lists in HTML5 7m 10s 
The return of bold and italic 5m 52s 
Citing works semantically 6m 32s 
Using the address element 5m 24s 
Using the small element 4m 24s 
Using the mark element 5m 16s 
Working with date and time 11m 55s 
Creating block-level links 8m 53s 
Understanding link relationships 9m 28s 
Defining link relationships 6m 23s 
6. Structuring Semantic HTML5 for the Real World 17m 22s
Current browser support 7m 38s 
Ensuring block-level display 4m 3s 
Adding support for elements in older browsers 5m 41s 
Conclusion 3m 46s
Additional Resources 3m 46s 



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