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proFashion – Site Template with DeepLinking | SWF | XML | RIP | ZIP | 128 MB | DEMO
Template Features:
    * Splash Site with Logo, HTML Texts, Enter Button. Edit your own Splash Site via XML (Splash can be turned off).
    * Great new Style: mixed Creative SWF Files with the Content. See our Fashions/World Premiere Page!
    * New Art of 2 Level Menu system for the Clever and Perfect Overview. Each 2nd Level menu can have Description, Title and Image (one by one, or also mixed).
    * Icon system for the Clever and Perfect Overview in the Head and Description Part of the Pages.
    * 30+ featurues.
    * XML Driven, good strucutred XML Files. One file for each page.
    * 2 Level Deep Linking. Share an Image/Video with a direct link to the item.
    * Cross links between pages, and modulels (like Link from Banner to any item).
    * Unlimited(!) amount of pages (also without menus). Add more pages, and call the via Deep Link.
    * Intelligent Menu and Submenus – stop Banner during mouse is over the Menu.
    * Ken Burn Banner with great functions like progress Bar, thumbnails etc.
    * Row and Block based Styles. Clean, exact and easy to edit. 15+ precreated Examples waiting for copy edit and to publish.
    * 4 Different Layouts News Feeds (ATOM, RSS , XML Controlled News).
    * 2 Different Thumbnail system for Image Galleries (horizontal or vertical Scrolled).
    * 4 Different Gallery Types (2 Thumbnail Style x with or without HTML Blocks).
    * Image Gallery with Fullscreen Image Rotator. Always fit in the browser Window.
    * Image Gallery with Slideshow and HTML Formatted Info Function.
    * Video Gallery with unlimited(!) amount of thumbnails, videoplayer also in Fullscreen.
    * Video Gallery plays FLV , MP4, YouTube videos.
    * 2 Video Gallery Style – With or Without HTML Blocks.
    * Contact Forms with 4 different Layouts. (Left, right, with and without HTML Blocks).
    * ROWs with fixed size, and ROWs with flexible endless width, to create Item lists, horizontal scrolled contents etc. (see our PriceBox Example under the menupoint “pro”).
    * Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribe function.
    * Smart loader & Music handling. Volume Control.
    * Unlimited(!) amount of Mini News.
    * New Backgrounds per page (colored, image based) Fit or Stretched.
    * SiteMap – for better Overview.
    * And many more…





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