50 Project Pack for After Effects - Logo Collection
50 Projects | Adobe After Effects 7.0, CS3, CS4 | Preview: JPG, FLV, AVI
PAL 720x576, NTSC DV 720x480, NTSC D1 720x486, HD 1280x720, HD 1920x1080
Size: 5.45 Gb
Bundle Content:
3D Logo Reveal 74568 DEMO 
3D Flying Logo DEMO 
Heavenly logo reveal DEMO 
Corporate logo intro 120894 DEMO 
Atom 117961 DEMO 
Atomic Fire Light Logo 77308 DEMO 
Bold Titles logo revealer 117278 DEMO 
Characters logo reveal 58936 DEMO 
Crysis logo fullhd 55109 DEMO 
Cinematic Logo Opening 114252 DEMO 
Dynamo logo 64596 DEMO 
Design Logo Intro 125374 DEMO 
Disc logo intro 117450 DEMO 
Elegant Ring Logo DEMO 
Elegant Extrusion 142766 DEMO 
FireString Logo 74795 DEMO 
Flourish Logo 43399 DEMO 
Form Logo 69533 DEMO 
Gears Logo reveal DEMO 
Halley twins logo 58976 DEMO 
Incubus Logo CS3 96543 DEMO 
Iron Logo Opening DEMO 
Logo Box1 HD AE Project 25949 DEMO 
Logo Opening Sequence V02 42672 DEMO 
Logo transforming 83801 DEMO 
Logo opening 114252 DEMO 
Light scribble logo 98979 DEMO 
Rainbow reveal 110768 DEMO 
Magical Logo Intro DEMO 
Orbs Strokes Logo Opening 55004 DEMO 
Orion 56121 DEMO 
Onyx Logo 83798 DEMO 
Particle Logo Revealer 93632 DEMO 
Reversal 72559 DEMO 
RE Union 115291 DEMO 
Subscribe 89929 DEMO 
Stroky Logo 72399 DEMO 
Three Logo Reveals 115485 DEMO 
Shine Reveal 95273 DEMO 
Verisimilitude text logo 53532 DEMO 
Vacumlogo Intro 62428 DEMO 
End Logo Animation 86014 DEMO 
Logo Smoke Reveal DEMO 
Logo Stock Design DEMO 
Opening Light DEMO 
LOGO murder toys DEMO 
Intro logo DEMO 
Logo Gun Text DEMO 
Logo in the storm DEMO 
Logo of Attention DEMO

50 Logo Projects Pack for After Effects

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