Creator's Toybox 1.11
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Make content creation easier with this indispensable suite of 5 tools (plus a bonus runtime organizer) for assisting you in your creative Poser work:Compatible with Poser only. Creator's ToyBox is a Merchant Resource and a powerful aide for anyone that enjoys creating Poser content!


What's Included & Features:
    Tools (.cr2)
        Addon Manager
            A tool for quickly enabling and disabling scripts that use the Poser Addonspecification.
        File Optimizer
            A full featured application for optimizing, tweaking and correcting Poser Library files, scenes and OBJ files.
            Can attempt to make Genesis 1 and 2 files "Poser Ready". Not intended for Genesis 3 files.
            Best practice is to export a cr2 file from DAZ Studio, then use File Optimizer to clean that file.
        Mister Lister
            A tool for making product lists, listing the contents of your Runtime or listing anyarea of your hard drive, like image or music collections. Fully customizable.
        OBJ Scale Toy
            A simply but clever tool for Scaling OBJ files. Many features that free tools lack.
        PMD Pose Express
            A tool for easily building PMD morph Injection and Removal Poses. Includesthe ability to build companion dial settings, dial groups, dial hide and material poses. It can alsoproduce slim Blank developer files for morph and clothing creation from any Poser figure.
        Runtime Rodent (Bonus-Requires XP or higher - does not work on MAC).
            Organize your Runtime with ease.
        Comprehensive pdf Guide

ToyBox Update 1.11 (a few bug fixes):

-- ToyBox Control --
    - ToyBox Launcher now saves settings and position (if active) prior to launching a toy (script).
    - ToyBox Launcher now remembers last path used (between sessions) when adding scripts.
    - ToyBox now auto-generates the toy list file (NWS_Toy_List.ini) by default and places it in the (writable) User Preferences Location of Mac or Windows.  If you have an existing toy list file from an earlier installation, ToyBox detects this and moves it to the proper location.

-- PMD Pose Express --
    - Due to a bug in Poser's Python where compressed figure files are written as cr2 instead of crz, PMD Pose Express now attempts to decompress temporary cr2's written, when creating a Blank Figure.  This allows it to detect an actual compressed file or not and handle it properly.
    - Erroneous timer variable, NWSTimer, removed from PMD Pose Express.

-- General --
    - New format for updated product zips: Product Name, Followed by date, followed by a letter if a revision made in the same month.  Individual tools that were updated will show version 1.11 when clicking About.

ToyBox Update 1.1:

-- File Optimizer --
        * Seamless Support for File Compression when working with Poser files and wavefront obj files.
            - Caveat: Extracted Geometry from Props is not compressed. (however, you can compress any file that you wish, see next entry.)
        * Compress/Uncompress Utility (under the Utility menu).
            - Allows you to compress or uncompress any files that you specifically select.
            - Starts in the most Recent Folder but you can go anywhere from there.
            - Intelligently compresses uncompressed files and uncompresses compressed files.
        * Restore from Backup(s) Utility (under the Utility menu).
            - Restores one or more original files from backups (in a selected folder).  You choose the backup folder then the file to restore.  The current file and all other backups for that file are removed in favor of the original files.
        * Addition of Poser's Scene folder under Folder choices.
        * Recent Folders Tweaks:
            - Recent Folders can be Grouped by Runtime, each Runtime showing as a Folder.
            - If Grouped, you can also elect to show Shortened Paths (starting with "Runtime").
            - Recent Folders limit increased to 25.
        * Favorite Folders Feature:
            - Add one or more Favorites from the Recent Folders list (via selection dialog).
            - Add a Favorite via a Folder browsing dialog.
                -- Folder must have the "Runtime" structure.
            - Remove one or more Favorites via selection dialog.
            - Option to show Favorites, Grouped by Runtime.
            - If Grouped, you can also elect to show Shortened Paths (starting with "Runtime").
            - Up to 250 Favorites can be added.
        * In many cases, the progress of Optimizer is now shown in the Status area as moving dots.
        * Utilities are grouped into folders for ease of use.

        * When handling obj files, Re-Point leaves the original obj as it is (versus creating a backup of it).
        * When checking obj locaction, checks the Geometries folders before checking the folder the current Poser file is in.
        * When making a choice, dialogs support picking obz in addition to obj.
        * Remove Invalid Materials now checks compressed obj files.
        * Fixed an issue where Remove Invalid Materials was causing material correction (DS Exported cr2) to not be implemented when Clean Saved DSON Content was checked.
        * In cases where items are sorted alphabetically, items will be shown properly when there is a mix of upper and lower case.
        * Optimizer now moves to the top of other Poser windows occasionally while working on Poser files and should be at the top of the z order when finished.
        * Recent and Backup folder lists are now shown in order of last access, which is automatically updated.  This is not retroactive in regards to lists prior to this update.
        * Optimizer now remembers paths correctly when moving from one Runtime to another via the Browse dialog.

-- ToyBox Control --
        * ToyBox Control is now a Full-Featured Pop-Up Launcher.
            - Entries are always displayed alphabetically.
            - Add any Toys (Scripts) you wish via an Add Toys dialog.
            - Remove as many Toys as you wish via a multi-choice dialog.
            - Rename any Toy on the Launcher.
            - Add an Unlimited amount of Toys and choose how many to display at one time (from 3 to 25 entries).
                -- If you have more Toys than can be displayed, you get a "More >" button that you can use to page over for more entries.
                -- The last page has "< Main" button for returning to the first page.
        * Plenty of new visual tweaks.
            - ToyBox Control now loads without any left corner flicker.
            - Toy entries now feature shaded striping for easier readability.
            - More and Main buttons have a noticably different color.
            - Highlight on mouseover is a bit more colorful.

-- PMD Pose Express --
        * PMD Pose Express works properly when File Compression is set in Poser's Preferences.  However, it does not generate compressed poses.

-- OBJ Scale Toy --
        * OBJ Scale Toy does not support compressed obj files.

-- General --
    * With the exception of ToyBox Control, all Toys remember their last position on screen.
    * All components no longer purposely center themselves on the screen.
    * All Toys have window focus upon loading.
    * Miscellaneous visual tweaks and fixes.

    * PDF Guide Updated.
    * Product Page Updated.
    * Product Images Updated.

PMD Pose Express 1.01:

- Create Blank: Fixed an issue where removing embedded Control Props could result in an unusable figure.
- Create Blank: Translation dials are now set to 0.0 on first frame (IK removal tweak).
- Caveat: If the figure enters the scene with props or other figures attached, those MUST be removed before creating a Blank (example: old style Miki 4 with conforming eyelashes).

Creator's Toybox 1.11


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