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  • Generates complex kinetic type animations - camera included - dynamically linked to markers for easy customization. No keyframes involved. Incredibly fast, powerful and intuitive.


Key features

  • Creates random kinetic type layouts based on parameters entered into the control panel. 
  • Keyframe-less timeline makes changes to timing as simple as sliding a marker.
  • Creates a parented camera that points to each successive word as it transitions on.
  • Distributes words evenly over the length of the composition or work area.
  • Manual adjustments are easily made to size, position, rotation and opacity.
  • Features a wide range of type transitions randomly selected by default, but can be specified as well.
  • Marker Sync feature allows for push button alignment with preexisting marker layers, making syncing to music a breeze.
  • Allows for different interpolation for camera movement, auto rotate and auto frame.
  • Automatically builds and cleans to facilitate easy experimentation.
  • Now supports motion blur and preset load and save
  • Support for 3rd party TextMods (sold separately), these can add support for Right to Left languages as well as other fun text modifications
  • Check out the available TextMods: Arabic Text and Hebrew Text

LayerMonkey vs TypeMonkey

  • So whats the difference? The main difference is that TypeMonkey is custom built as a kinetic type generator. It's a workhorse. All you need to do is enter your text into the text box and click build. It also allows you to switch between multiple layouts with a few simple key commands.
  • LayerMonkey can achieve similar results with text when using layered Illustrator files, but all those layers need to be prepared manually. For longer pieces that's going to be a lot of work. However, if you want to use multiple fonts, LayerMonkey is the way to go because with TypeMonkey, those changes will need to be done manually. And then theres the whole image part that LayerMonkey does that TypeMonkey is not equipped to do.
  • So which is better? Neither- they're different. LayerMonkey is more flexible but requires more setup and TypeMonkey is fast and easy but more limited. You just need to pick the right simian for the job...and in many jobs theres a need for both.

TypeMonkey v1.10 [Aescripts]


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