DigiEffects Delirium v2.5 AE Plug-ins

DigiEffects Delirium v2.5 Plug-ins for Adobe After Effects (Win32/Win64) | 34 MB
Homepage: www.digieffects.com/products/delirium.html


Digieffects Delirium v2 - The Award Winning Plug-in Collection. For over a decade Delirium has been the standard for essential visual effects and motion graphics capabilities. Now speed-optimized and fully Adobe CS5/64-bit compatible, Delirium v2’s 44 effects continue to be a staple for users of After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Edius.

Delirium v2 offers 44 different effects spread across five categories: Phenomena, Color, Distort, Mood and Composite. These effects let you inexpensively add greater control and quality to the built-in features of your host application.

With the Delirium v2 plugin you can create multitudes of animated imagery through the use of a wide range of effects including: natural forces, special effects elements, color & style filters, patterns & distortions, lighting & glow effects and compositing tools. 

Many of the effects are set up to get you started with a certain look in mind. For example, Fire will look great as soon as you apply it. It will also AutoAnimate meaning that it will automatically animate and look great without setting keyframes. Many of the particle effects don’t need lengthy adjust- ment of parameters to get excellent immediate results.

- 44 different effects spread across six categories (see below for entire list).
- Over 100 presets, project files and sample media which let you get started creating high-end results immediately.
- Particle effects with built-in turbulence processing which let's you create realistic imagery without resorting to complex 3D programs.
- AutoAnimate which means no more tweaking of countless parameters. Drag, drop, and achieve quick results (including Fireworks!).
- Save/Load/Modify presets when you find a look you like.
- Uses 32 bpc floating point for all internal processing, improving quality for many effects.
- The Delirium v2 upgrade includes 18 new effects from from the Walker Effects plug-in package

Included with Delirium are 44 visual effects:
Phenomena (11): 
- Bubbles
- Electrical Arcs
- Fairy Dust
- Fire
- Fireworks
- Fog Factory
- Muzzle Flash
- Rainfall
- Smoke
- Snowstorm
- Sparks
Color (11): 
- Channel Noise
- Channel Offset
- Channel Range
- Color Fill
- Color Space
- Colorize
- Edgex
- Gradient Designer
- Grayscaler
- Multi-Gradient
- Solarize
Distort (11): 
- Crazy Stripes
- Crystallizer
- Hyper Harmonizer
- Newsprint
- Nexus
- Perspectron
- Schematic Grids
- Stargate
- Vangoughist
- Visual Harmonizer
- Wave Displace
Mood (6):
- Channel Lighting
- Glow
- Glower
- Lightwrap
- NightBloom
- Specular Lighting
Composite (5):
- Alpha Tool
- Channel Composite
- Channel Viewer
- Color Composite
- Composite



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