Canvases 4 - First Impressions, 200 HQ Background Sets

Canvases 4 - First Impressions, 200 HQ Background Sets
Make the best first impression in a wide variety of design projects and productions
200 coordinated sets of graphics | 1000 high-resolution backgrounds, including 5 print friendly variations 
  • Ready-to-use high resolution, flattened JPEG files: Drag-and-drop right into any graphic, video or animation software as you need it.
  • Full color printed index: Find exactly what you need quickly and easily with this handy reference tool.
  • Subtle yet powerful designs: Some canvases may look simple but they are expertly designed with lighting and detail to provide a powerful stage for your text, photos, videos and graphic elements so that they can be the heroes of the piece.
  • Multiple resolutions and aspect ratios: These 5 different size format adaptations go beyond simple cropping. We have actually redesigned each Canvas to perfectly fit portrait, landscape and square aspect projects. You won't have to compromise or spend time fixing and forcing a Canvas to work -- it just will.
  • Interchangeable options: Since most Canvases are virtually interchangeable you can try out multiple options in minutes, not hours or days.


  • The main goal of any design is to make an unforgettable impact, which is why Canvases Collection 4: First Impressions is an essential tool for every hardworking, busy graphic designer. This latest addition to the Canvases product line offers an all new library of subtle, sophisticated image backgrounds, giving you a powerful jump-start to creativity. This exciting library of eclectic illustrated backgrounds means no more staring at an empty screen hoping for inspiration. Instead you can choose one of these powerful foundations as the creative base for your next design project. Unlike our more complex Juice Drops illustrations, the Canvases product line is not about layers and lots of graphic elements. It's about giving your text, your photos and your ideas the perfect place to come alive and project your message. Look at any professionally designed ad or brochure and you are unlikely to find a simple solid color background. Instead you will find a sophisticated mix of color and texture that creates a perfect backdrop for the product being promoted. This is what Canvases provides for you - without all the hard work. It gives you an interesting graphic base and a creative nudge to get your ideas flowing and your project moving. Canvases provide an environment that enhances your product, text, or photos and makes your material stand out. In most cases, a simple reflection or drop shadow is all you will need to make your product or text message blend completely into the background graphic as if it were born there.

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