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Matte Magic Series - A new series of visual effects created by video editors for video editors ! The 10 collections, including more than 1,200 stylish black -and-white animated masks in MOV- format will help you to create real magic in conjunction with your staff. If you need an inspirational passages , vignettes or patterns , just drag any of the clips on the timeline over your footage , set the brightness of the mask and you're done! No plugins , no heavy rendering and no hassles !


One of the most powerful features in any application, video editing is a black and white mask . This gives you the ability to mask or cut of your video, mix and combine it with other clips , animations , or even just a black. Using this mask, you can raise your frames , turning them from the mundane to the magnificent , instantly raising the cost of your project , and will become a second look like a genius in the editing!
Masks are used throughout , including music videos , screensavers , shows and high-end commercials . They are easy to use and perfectly convert and complement the footage . Nevertheless , the establishment of different masks , particularly remarkable animated masks can be difficult and time consuming. And then comes to the rescue Matte Magic!
This exciting collection has already taken the brunt of the work process and by enabling you as the designer to focus on what really matters - getting the magnificent species that complements your shots! Matte Magic - exactly what you really need video editors , designers, motion graphics and visual effects , to raise them to the level of the video , which they probably did not even think or thought impossible .
All of these effects are the Quicktime- clips that work with any systems of video editing and compositing , including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion and many others. Try it and you 'll see how easily and quickly you can create a professional look that will make your next video title case , towering high above the crowd of everyday life .
Additional Information:

• Includes 10 Collections:
MM Breakthroughs 1 - Break out of the ordinary with more than 270 animated mattes in 15 sets
MM Breakthroughs 2 - Breakthrough to magic with more than 245 mattes in 15 matching sets
MM Breakthroughs 3 - Break out of the box with more than 260 animated mattes in 15 sets
MM Vignettes Dynamic Contrast - Focus your footage with 60 animated vignette mattes with dynamic contrast
MM Vignettes Rough & Ready - 60 animated vignettes to add a rough-edged focus to your footage
MM Vignettes Soft & Subtle - 65 subtle animated vignette mattes to softly focus your footage
MM Transwipes Soft - Transit in style on your next project with 75 soft-edged animated mattes
MM Transwipes Medium - The perfect mix of hard and soft in 75 animated transition mattes
MM Transwipes Hard - 75 hard-edged animated mattes let you transition in defined style
MM Strobes & Flickers - More than 40 animated mattes to add dynamic lighting to your projects
• More than 1,200 Quicktime Clips and Overlays - Gives you the variety you need to find the perfect complement to your footage.
• Ultra-fast renders - Black and white mattes don't add heavy render times to your project
• Easy to use - Simply drop animated matte clips on top of your footage with the appropriate Luma Matte setting. Customize further by adding a solid color or animated

• Works with any video editing system or motion design software - All effects are Quicktime clips that will work with all editing and motion design software. There's nothing

new to learn. Matte Magic simply leverages the power you already have with your editing or motion design software including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut

Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion and more.
• 1920x1080 HD resolution - Designed at full HD resolution for maximum flexibility and versatility
• Requires No Plugins - No need to spend countless hours finding just the right settings, then waiting for renders.
• Requires Juicer 3.90 and above

System Requirements:
- XP Professional SP2 / Vista / Windows7
- Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
- Min of 1 GB system memory
- OS X 10.4 +, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
- Min of 1 GB system memory

Software Requirements:
- After Effects CS4 & above.
- Latest Version of QuickTime.
- No 3rd Party Plug-ins required.



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