Editors Toolkit Pro 236 Drop Everything DVD-ISO
Editors Toolkit Pro 236: Drop Everything (DVD-ISO)
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Editors Toolkit Pro 236 Drop Everything DVD-ISO
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 236: Drop Everything - Soft & Subtle Tools. A complete set of matching Network-quality graphics, animations and elements for anyone looking to add a professional polish to a production. Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles are versatile collections of abstract graphics that make it is easy to create a professional, high quality look. Each volume contains all the elements you need to create a coordinated production, maintaining the same style and theme from start to finish.

Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles include: Animated Backgrounds, Lower Thirds, Overlays, Wipes Transitions with Sound FX, Motion Design Elements. Each Toolkit Singles volume contains matching elements in both SD and HD resolutions, allowing producers and designers to instantly create a dynamic look for a program.

DJ Editor's Toolkits Pro Singles are crafted to include the graphics building blocks editors need to create a customized and coordinated look for any program. What makes these products work is the intelligent way we've designed, collected and grouped the graphics together into what we call Pro Sets. The various types of graphics and animations that define these sets make them the ideal foundations for designers creating a look for a production.

Editor's Toolkits Pro Singles are coordinated sets of different types of graphical elements and audio that have been explicitly designed to work together. Each Editor's Toolkit Pro Set contains one or more of the following elements:

Animated Backgrounds - Full Screen Animated Backgrounds. These are full screen background animations that are great for title sequences, text templates and DVD menus.

Animated Overlays - Animated Backgrounds with Alpha Channel. Animated overlays are full screen animations with alpha channel transparency that serve as animated frames and accents for your video clips.

Standard & Mini Lower Thirds - Animations with Alpha Channel. Animated lower thirds are animated elements using alpha channel transparency that commonly server as anchoring elements for text, nameplates and logos at the bottom of the screen.

Swipes - Full Screen, Full Color Wipe Transitions with Sound FX. Animated full screen wipes are textured and colored animations which serve as a transition between two video clips. Designed to work without a plug-in on any editing system that supports overlays, these easy-to-use wipes are as unique as they are useful.

Standard & Logo Revealers - Animations with Alpha Channel. A revealer is a motion design element that comes on-screen, covers a predefined area and then animates off-screen to reveal something underneath like a logo or text.

Coordinated JD - Print Resolution Layered Photoshop Files. Juice Drops are print resolution, fully customizable graphics delivered as layered Photoshop files. They can be used to create things like matching DVD faces and cases, coordinated fliers, posters and/or billboards.

Sound FX - These are included for use with the Swipes!, but you may find additional uses. You could, for example, use one of these Sound FX files with a Motion Design Element to add emphasis to a text reveal

Technical spec:
- Network quality sets of matching graphics, animations and elements
- HD & SD Animations Included
- QuickTime format
- Works with Free Juicer 3 Software:
  - Convert to PAL, NTSC & DV
  - Output to AVI, QT, image sequences & native NLE codecs
  - Keyword searchable index
- Compatible with any computer based non-linear or linear editor with DVD-ROM drive
- 100% Royalty-Free

Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 236: Drop Everything contains following elements:
- 3 HD & 3 SD Backgrounds
- 1 HD Juice Drop
- 6 HD & 6 SD Lower Thirds
- 12 HD & 12 SD Mattes
- 6 HD & 6 SD Overlays
- 2 HD & 2 SD Swipe

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