Compositors Toolkit Visual FX Library 3 - 24 DVDs

Compositors Toolkit Visual FX Library 3 - Footage, Visual Effects
ISO | 24 DVDs | 185 GB

Compositors Toolkit Visual FX Library 3 - 24 DVDs


  • Compositor's Toolkit Visual FX Library 3 (CTK3) is much-awaited third volume of superb high-quality visual effects elements, this time focusing on the many properties of liquid motion. With more than 325 organic high-resolution, high speed clips, COMPOSITOR'S TOOLKIT 3 (CTK3) has more visual effects than either of its predecessors in 13 all-new categories including Liquid Metal, Water Curls, Viscous Motion, Fluid Bursts and more. The liquid effects in this volume run the gamut from subtle swirling slow motion ink drops and surfaces filled with clear water waves, ripples, bubbles and streaks to high-energy throws and bursts of grungey mud, sediment and blood splats.
  • Compositor's Toolkits is Digital Juice's libraryes of organic elements shot at high speed and high resolution. Using high speed cameras we are able to deliver video at speeds up to an astounding 740 frames per second, and at resolutions up to 2048x1536 (bigger than HD resolution). The end result is super-smooth slow motion when played back at standard frame rates. Shooting at such a high resolution means these elements can be used in a wide range of formats from film to the web. Although these organic elements are amazing to watch as is, the real power of Compositor's Toolkit is unleashed when combined with your compositing software and your creativity.
  • The secret to pulling off great effect shots and motion graphics composites is using great tools. Not just software tools but also the visual elements you have to work with. The more realistic and high quality your elements and footage, the more believable your final composite will be. With Compositor's Toolkit, Digital Juice has gone through painstaking lengths to capture the essence that only real live effects can deliver. Imaginative limits are boundless with this artful collection of high resolution, ultra slow motion effects.
  • Great composites are only as good as the elements you use to sell the illusion, and all of the elements in the Compositor's Toolkit 3 are no exception. This multipurpose collection of elements are geared for all users and are great for all types of production uses, from building simple graphics to creating complex visual effects. Consideration was given to all levels of video artists when creating this library.
  • Non-Linear Editors - Non-linear editors will find this library useful by expanding the visual value of their productions. Many of our effects elements in several categories were created with the video editor in mind. Manipulation of the elements can be done using many of the standard keying, sizing and motion techniques.
  • Motion Graphic Artists - Similar in many ways to both the Non-Linear Editor and the Visual Effects Artist, the Motion Graphic Artist will quickly come to rely on the flexibility and power offered by such high resolution clips. Fly-through, speed ramps, and layering ideas are endless with this library.
  • Visual Effects Artists - Visual Effects are all about selling the illusion. And any VFX artist will tell you, more is always better. In this package you'll find more resolution, more frames, and more options on the same element. With our in-house Hollywood VFX veteran on the set daily for the creation of this package, we're confident that our initial offering to this segment of the market is a complete one.
  • Features
  • - 170 GB on 24 DVDs: With over 275 high definition clips, you get the largest single volume of high resolution visual effects elements available anywhere.
  • - 13 Unique Categories: With a wide variety of multipurpose organic elements this collection is geared for all usersand is great for all types of production uses, from building simple graphics to creating complex visual effects. 
  • - All Organic Elements: Real organic elements add realism and believability to your post-production effects composites. 
  • - 2K Ultra High Resolution: Shot at 2048x1536, these bigger than HD resolution elements give you more than enough pixels to work with in any SD and HD environment. 
  • - Super Slow Motion: Frame rates ranging from 100 - 700 fps were used in order to capture the unique properties of the different organic elements so you would have more realistic, more dramatic footage for your next production.



Compositors Toolkit Visual FX Library 3 - 24 DVDs

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