Motivational Light DVD - By Bert Stephani
Motivational Light DVD - By Bert Stephani
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Fellow Belgium professional photographer Bert Stephani known by his Confessions of a Photographer blog and Squeeze The Lime inspirational and motivational experiences for photographers has recently released his brand new DVD "Motivational Light".
Brussels, BELGIUM, 31st March - Professional Photographer Bert Stephani announces
his Motivational Light Video. In this instructional video Bert explains his vision on
photographical lighting and shows his techniques. This video is about how to find, shape and create light so it becomes the most powerful story telling tool a photographer has in his toolbox.

During the last four years Bert has been blogging, teaching and lecturing about his quest to master the light in order to create compelling and stylish images. During workshops it became clear that most photographers get to grips with the technical part of lighting pretty fast but still struggle to use light as a means to create atmosphere and tell stories.

Together with fellow photographer Pieter Van Impe, Bert developed an instructional concept to teach fellow photographers how to choose the right light in function of the picture. Armed with this vision, it becomes surprisingly easy to make technical choices.

The video starts with a short overview of the basics of light by professor Photonopolos from the Institute of Motivational Light. Bert then puts the theory in practice with a number of photo shoots in which he shows examples of great light and analyzes why these lighting setups work so well. The next step is to learn how to become a master of light by complementing, shaping and making the light.

The knowledge and skills explained in the first part of the video, then get used during a shoot in which Bert creates different moods by just changing the light. Bert shows that it's all about applying the right techniques to create a picture that tells a story.

In the final part of the main video Bert reveals his vision on how to become a better photographer through a technical training session, an improvisation shoot and a fast paced real life wedding shoot. As a bonus Bert shows how he post processed some of the pictures that were shot for the Motivational Light video in Adobe Lightroom. He also walks you through what camera and lighting gear he uses and why.

Motivational Light is targeted to everyone who wants to improve his lighting skills and understanding of light. The vision and techniques explained will help a wide range of photographers from the beginner with limited gear to the well equipped seasoned professional. Lighting is the main focus of this video but it's also packed with lots of other small tips and tricks.

The main part of Motivational Light runs over two and a half hours and is complimented with an hour of bonus material about post processing.

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Motivational Light DVD - By Bert Stephani



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