Up and Running with Reason 7

Up and Running with Reason 7

English | .MP4 | 4h 56m | Level : Beginner | Released :  Oct 31, 2013 | 1.9 GB

Genre : elearning


Learn how to make music with Reason, and bring the features of a professional recording studio right into your home. Matt Piper shows you how to get set up with Reason and then moves straight into making music: recording guitar, bass, and software instruments, as well as creating beats and sampling audio. He then demonstrates the tools used for editing, including quantization, pitch correction, time stretching, tempo, and time signature automation. Finally, you'll learn how to mix your track, and prep and export the mix for handing it off to a mastering engineer or for mastering it on your own.


Topics include:

    Setting up Reason's preferences
    Recording audio and software instrument tracks
    Creating drum beats with Redrum and the Kong Drum Designer
    Triggering REX loops
    Live sampling
    Recording automation
    Quantizing audio
    Pitch correcting vocals
    Using the ReGroove Mixer
    Time stretching and time compressing audio
    Working in the mixer and the rack
    Processing your tracks with compression, EQ, and effects
    Mastering a recording in Reason


Welcome 1m 40s 
Using the exercise files 51s 
1. Setting Up 20m 36s
Setting up Reason's preferences 6m 32s 
Using the different views and windows 5m 0s 
Using Reason's file browser 9m 4s 
2. Recording Music 1h 53m
Recording audio tracks 11m 12s 
Understanding the Reason software instrument tracks 4m 17s 
Recording software tracks 6m 36s 
Creating pattern-based sequences 9m 7s 
Creating drum beats with Redrum Drum Computer 11m 0s 
Creating drum beats with Kong Drum Designer 7m 21s 
Triggering REX loops in Kong 4m 29s 
Using the included REX loop library 13m 24s 
Loop recording 11m 6s 
Live sampling 7m 6s 
Creating a sample instrument 8m 24s 
Combining software instruments 8m 49s 
Recording automation 5m 11s 
Using external MIDI instruments 5m 11s 
3. Editing Your Recording 1h 1m
Common sequencer functions and tools 8m 5s 
Quantizing audio 9m 38s 
Making perfect loops with the Comp Editor after joining clips 4m 14s 
Pitch correcting vocals 10m 33s 
Editing in the Blocks view 6m 24s 
Tempo and time signature automation 5m 7s 
Working with time stretching and time compressing 7m 23s 
Using the ReGroove Mixer 10m 5s 
4. Mixing Your Recording 1h 18m
Mixer overview: Part one 7m 41s 
Mixer overview: Part two 7m 14s 
Mixer overview: Part three 8m 8s 
Setting levels and stereo pans 9m 12s 
Using EQ 12m 54s 
Using compression 8m 36s 
Using sidechain compression 5m 25s 
Using gates 5m 56s 
Using the effect sends 8m 3s 
Creating output buses and parallel channels 5m 20s 
5. Finishing Your Recording 19m 37s
Preparing your song for collaboration with another producer or for a mastering engineer 6m 51s 
Mastering your own recording 12m 46s 
Conclusion 15s
What's next? 15s 



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