CG ACADEMY - Advanced Texturing 1 - Creature UV Unwrapping

CG ACADEMY - Advanced Texturing 1 - Creature UV Unwrapping
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In this DVD Dominic Qwek will guide you through a fast and efficient workflow for unwrapping the UV's on a complex organic creature mesh (the creature he modelled in his Advanced Modelling DVD). The DVD is structured in two halves, in the first half Dominic covers the “traditional” workflow used in 3dsmax 7.0 and earlier releases. And in the second half Dominic moves on to show how the new features of 3dsmax 8.0 such as Pelt Mapping and its enhanced Relax Tools can be used to accelerate and complement the processes shown in the first section of the DVD.

This DVD is intended for advanced users and requires an understanding of the principles of UVs and a good working knowledge of the UV Unwrap tool featured in 3dsmax. The workflows on this DVD can to a large extent also be carried across to other 3d software such as Maya and XSI.

Chapter 01: Setting Up The Model
Dominic shows how the 3d model can be prepared for the unwrapping process and what tools are to be used.

Chapter 02: Unwrapping The Legs & Claws
Dominic unwraps the legs and the claws.

Chapter 03: Unwrapping The Lower Torso
Then moves on to unwrap the creatures lower torso.

Chapter 04: Unwrapping The Arms
After this he unwraps the arms.

Chapter 05: Unwrapping The Upper Torso
And then moves on to unwrap the upper torso.

Chapter 06: Unwrapping The Jaw 7 Mandibles
Then Dominic moves on to unwrap the jaw and mandibles of the creature.

Chapter 07: Unwrapping The Skull
And finally the unwrapping is completed with the skulls UVs.

Chapter 08: Hiding The Seams
With all of the UVs unwrapped Dominic applies separate UVs for a set of blending textures to hide any UV set seams.

Chapter 09: Final Layout of UV's
And Dominic completes this section of the DVD by compiling the UVs into two large sets, one per final texture bitmap.

Chapter 10: New Features In Max
Dominic explains a little about the new features added to the UV Unwrap tool in 3dsmax

Chapter 11: Defining Pelt Seams
Then he explains about Pelt Seams and then defines them on our model.

Chapter 12: Pelt Mapping
Moving on Dominic uses the new Pelt Tool to pull the UVs apart on a pelt that was defined in the previous chapter.

Chapter 13: Enhanced Relax Tool
And then he shows us how the new relax tools can be used to very quickly un-fold any overlapping UVs in our Pelted UV’s.

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